ISSUE-42: Adding sh:notEqual to potential datatype properties?


Adding sh:notEqual to potential datatype properties?

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Simon Steyskal
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Relating to my previous raised issue concerning property paths..

I was wondering, whether we want to include an additional datatype property like "sh:notEqual" to express that the value of a certain property must not be equal to the provided one.

E.g. if I have a concept called ex:Track having two associated properties ex:kmLeft and ex:kmRight and I want to state, that the value of both should not be the same as well as > 0, I could write something like:

ex:Track a rdfs:Class;
sh:property [
sh:predicate ex:kmLeft;
sh:minExclusive 0;
sh:notEqual (Path to kmRight's value)
sh:property [
sh:predicate ex:kmRight;
sh:minExclusive 0;
sh:notEqual (Path to kmLeft's value)


(Of course, I could use sh:sparql to draft such a constraint myself or define a sh:OrConstraint with sh:minExclusive and sh:max:Exclusive.)
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Resolution: Close ISSUE-42, as no longer relevant, given resolutions of ISSUE-41 and ISSUE-81

Arnaud Le Hors, 14 Sep 2015, 20:40:02

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