Mobile World
Congress 2014
24-27 Feb
Hall 8.1  (8.1G15)

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The Open Web Platform is the premier platform for application development. Built on HTML5 and a host of other open standards, HTML5 logo the Open Web Platform is fundamentally transforming industry after industry. Technology convergence, video and rich multimedia, new forms of interaction, social networking, greater device interoperability, and improved accessibility are having a profound impact on the way businesses operate and serve customers. Members of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are shaping the Web as the premier platform for innovation, and changing the way we live, work, and play. Read the press release and Learn more…

Booth shot

Demos at W3C's Booth in 2014

W3C Members and staff showed demos of how the Web is transforming the mobile industry.

  • W3C/Klickfilm: New Ways to Advertise with Videos/Pictures on the Web using HMTL5 and Linked Data
  • CDAC: English to Indian Languages Translator (mTranslator)
  • Ericsson: InBrowser Communication
  • Espial: Reimagining the TV User Experience with HTML5
  • Igalia: New layouts models on the Web (CSS3 standards implementation: CSS Grid Layout & CSS Regions)
  • Intel: Building a real-time system for Remotely Piloted Vehicles using HTML5 and the Intel┬« XDK
  • Kolor: Kolor Eyes: 360-degree videos & interactive virtual tours in HTML5
  • Mozilla: Firefox OS - making HTML5 on mobile work
  • Opera: Coast by Opera (browser for iPad)
  • Zaragoza: Web we want: Open Web, zaragoza.es

Demo schedule
Today's demo schedule

Ericsson demoing their InBrowser Communication tool

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Virtual Reality
Immersive 360┬░ video experience from Kolor using Oculus Rift headset

FirefoxOS demo
Mozilla presentation on FireFox OS

FirefoxOS demo
Crowd gathering at W3C booth to watch demos

W3C staff
Staff meeting

CSS Regions Demo
Igalia presentation on CSS3 layouts

Group shot
End of day 3: group photo of W3C staff and visitors

C-DAC shows their English to Indian Languages Translator

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