Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

05 Dec 2014



EO met and considered changes made to the Evaluation Tools List. The group appreciate dthe addition of accessiiblity information as a request for inut from vendors and asked that the provision of that info be filtered for and added as one of the revealed Details when opened. Also agreed that moderators can approve and inform EO of new search criteria added without the need for group review. Kevin walked participants thorugh the tasks he has developed in realtion to his personas for the Dynamic Planning Guide. He asked everyone to continue to think of tasks and discussed feedback reveiwed thus far. Finally Shawn announced the intent of the groups to use the survey and a way to focus and management participant input. With thanks, the meeting adjourned.

Shawn, Sharron, Kevin, EricE, AnnaBelle, Wayne, Lydia, Sylvie, Andrew, Shadi
Jan, Helle, Reinaldo, Jon, Paul


Eval Tools list

Shawn: A link to a few open issues...

<shawn> https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Evaluation_tools/Comments#Open_questions

Shawn: We asked vendors to provide a link to their accessibility statement. Question raised what if it was not provided or there is none?

Eric: At the moment, if no information is provided, that category is not displayed at all. Seems the most fair way to proceed.

Shawn: I see 3 options. 1. The field would not show at all 2. the field would show but be blank or finally 3. nothing would be displayed at all. Any thoughts?

Sharron: I support encouragement of providing that information and left suggestion in GitHub.

<Sylvie> +1 to Sharron's suggestion in the comments.

<Andrew> +1 to Sharron's suggestion to encourage provision

Lydia: Yes I agree as well

<Wayne> +1 sharron

Shadi: For those who have already submitted, we would need to recontact the vendors to get this information in or look at version number 2 to include this.

Shawn: Since the next iteration of the tool is a couple of weeks out, let's try to get that information to be part of it.
... Eric are you comfortable with including the field with the (none provided) note?

Eric: Yes

Shawn: Great, the second point had to do with the filters. In the past, the open ability to add a search criteria resulted in some nonsensical entries. It has been cleaned up but we wondered how it would be handled going forward.

Eric: There will be the ability to add to other categories but not to all sections. We will look at each submission in order to prevent the need for that kind of cleanup going forward.

Shadi: We provide the ability for people to say "other" but will look at it very carefully before including. So the addition of new search criteria is possible but moderated. we could seek EO approval before posting, if that's helpful.

Sharron: I think we are confident in your judgement, no need to ask for EO approval of each new search criteria

RESOLUTION: the moderators can approve and inform EO of new search criteria added

<shawn> survey results: https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35532/tools-list-2014-11/results

Shawn: Eval Tools list is now considered done. We addressed all the issues raised at that time.

<shawn> changelog: https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Evaluation_tools/Comments

Shawn: So this is the last call for EO comment. Review the changes, make sure that you approve the changes and speak now if you have issues with any of the changes and EO participation will be done.
... we do not want to annouce yet so please don't do outreach about the tool until we make the official announcement.

Sharron: How are you getting vendor information if it is not announced?

Shadi: Based on the old list and Bim's recent research. We contact vendors privately.
... we expect that when we do the full announcement we will get more participation. We could do an intermediate announcement as a call for contributions and then do the formal announcement in January or February.

Andrew: Are you looking for EO members to review the invitation?

Shadi: We have already sent one to some invitees, we will send another for those who have not responded as well as allowing those who DID respond to update information

Shawn: The October version is floating around, getting attention so the sooner we can make the revisions the better in my view. So doing that in the next week or two would be great.
... anything else?

Dynamic Guide for Planning

<shawn> https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Planning/Personas

Shawn: At our last meeting Kevin presented to EO his basic thinking about this tool and the options he is considering for general approach. Now we want to look at it from a task based perspective. Considering what PMs and adminstrators are doing, Kevin has added tasks to the personas

Kevin: When we began looking at planning, Shadi had brought together a number of possible use cases. I took those use cases and narrowed them down in terms of focus to about six personas that encapsulated the use cases. These are people responsible for web projects and the accessibility considerations. Your review and comment on any gaps would be appreciated.
... then I tried to provide a description of who they are, what they are doing, and what their needs might be. The tasks are what we will focus on today.
... what tasks do PMs need to do to bring about the change leading to greater accessibility within their projects? There are overlaps but each is meant to have some unique needs. These will be clarified going forward so that information can be customized for each situation.

Shawn: This is an internal document meant to help us frame and think about how best to focus and present resources. it will likely not be part of the tool.

AnnaBelle: The internal part is what?

Shawn: This page you are looking at now is internal. It will be used to build a resource for people who manage projects. This is meant to help us determine what that resource needs to be, what the tool needs to be able to do, in order to be the most useful.

<AnnaBelle> have finished quick read

Shawn: Any overall high level comments on the task?

<Andrew> good start

Shawn: anything out of sync?

AnnaBelle: My silence is because it seems that Kevin has done a fabulous job, excellent work.

<shadi> +1

Sharron: You don't see much overlap between the tasks among the personas?

Shawn: Yes, it is presented that way becasue I think the fact that there is not much overlap makes it easier to process

Andrew: Going back through I might identify some gaps, but none come to mind. It is a very very good start.

<Wayne> + 1

Shawn: One of the things that this activity illustrates is that support for these tasks is found in other documents - not just the Strategic Planning Guide.
... so for example "develop training" is not in the Strategic Guide but it IS in the Training Guide that Andrew did a few years ago.
... the excercise was useful to help us realize that the support is likely to be found beyond a customizable version of the Strategic Planning Guide.

Wayne: yes I agree

Kevin: It would be benificial if people would add tasks that we may not have captured.
... this is the first pass through and it would help to have more consideration and to be sure we are including all basic tasks

Lydia: My concern would be that we need to be more specific about the scenarios...higher ed, software lifecycles. Are we expected to provide only high level support or are we trying to give them something specific? We need to be considering and teaching accessibility to project managers at almost every point in project development.

Shawn: One of the goals of this project is to encourage PMs to include accessibility early and often. It is meant to be support for people to do just that.

Lydia: I think that would be extremely valuable to help PMs understand what they need, how to prepare for it. A dynamic tool that would lead people to those resources would be great

Sharron: Did I understand correctly that this may turn out to be a guide to all WAI resources rather than a guide to strategic planning?

Shawn: Yes, specifically for project managers.

Sharron: Do we think all the resources are updated and ready for that?

Andrew: We will haveto make that decision as we come to it
... some may need a quick update and other may need overhaul

Shawn: And we are in a better position on the current status of most docs these days
... When you imagine project managers broadly, what other ways can you imagine us to support them as they incorporate accessibility into their projects?
... Kevin do you have everything you need now?

Kevin: Having more information about tasks will be useful. You guys have had these roles or have worked with people in these roles. it is quite improtant that we understand all the tasks.

Shadi: Can you say more about the level of detail you want for these tasks to guide people on how to contibute?

Kevin: It is somewhat high level but not entirely. I'd say more middle ground in terms of detail. For example, it does not go down into detail of what to put in a policy document but only the fact of needing policy developed.

Sharron:I think this is a great start and that we can keep the need for additional tasks in the back of our minds as we do our day jobs.

Shadi: Is it clear what to do?

Andrew: Looking at the characteristics of the environment of where people are working and such, I beleive I will be able to add revisions and tasks. But for now I agree with Sharron that this was an excellent beginning.

Shawn: OK homework then is to look more closely at the tasks and add them as they occur to you.
... anything else?

Weekly surveys

Shawn: At TPAC we discussed the working group, how we work, how we might work more productively. We plan to try a weekly survey (something that is done by WCAG-WG). We will put out a survey of the topics for that week, we would have initial thoughts recorded in the survey and spend less time in the meeting

Sharron:We've tried using wiki, Github, email. The result is that comments are scattered and it's often hard to know who has done what when. The idea is that the survey would provide one place to get orientated to topics each week. (survey could point to comments in github). We would tehn have just one place to focus and prepare for discussion. Maybe make meeting times less and provide clearer feedback

Wayne: I like the idea

Lydia: I do too. Can I ask if we have the option to use [specific tool]?

Shawn: We don't have that option and don't really plan to.

Lydia: I use it and it is quite robust for changing and collaborating.

Shawn: Not at this time but thanks for suggesting

AnnaBelle: I really like this idea and since I could not really work well on the wiki, I think this is a good way to bring ideas together. I expect the survey tool will work well for me and I hope it will work well for others.

Shawn: While the survey may not be the end all it is available now. We need to be careful that we don't just add to the tools and end up with using wiki AND survey AND GitHub.
... the idea is to put out a survey on Friday for the whole week's work. We have a draft now

<yatil> Eric: Surveys work well for collecting information in WCAG, they use the tracker additionally.

<yatil> ...Tracker would be Github for us.

<yatil> ... for specific projects.

<yatil> ...collecting opinions, I meant.

Kevin: Using GitHub it really is valuable from an editor's perspective, it is extremely valuable.

Shawn: So let me show you the survey for the next week
... it is a draft

<shawn> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35532/eowg8dec2014/

<Andrew> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35532/eowg8dec2014/results

Shawn: any other questions or clarification?

Wayne: Will it be linked from EO page?

Shawn: Yes and will send email....done! under work for this week in wiki
... the earlier in the week you do it the more likely that others can look at it and be prepared
... anything else? Then you have work for this week, you can edit this at any time. Can put some comments now, go back and change, etc

<shawn> https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/EOWG_Meetings#Work_for_this_week

Shawn: thanks everyone we look forward to how it works, thanks for your input.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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