W3C Webizen Program

Status: 28 October 2015, we created Web Developers avenue and introduced Friends.

The W3C has developed in the open and in public, a program to allow individuals to affiliate with the W3C community for a token fee of e.g. $100 US per annum (or equivalent in another currency), in exchange for a package of benefits (with lower fees in developing countries).

This is not a Membership benefit and does not confer W3C Membership rights.

This program is currently known under the designation of Webizen --not necessarily the best name, so it may change based on a public survey.

Note: This page is temporary and will be replaced by a more substantive site for Webizens.


Initial program benefits

Representation Groups

W3C takes public input seriously so even without a Webizen program there are already mechanisms for the general public to give input to W3C, notably by commenting on publicly available Charters and Documents.

Webizens would band together to create Representation Groups (e.g. front end developers, accessibility groups, users, etc.), which would empower them by working together to comment on our documents and provide aggregate input that W3C would take very seriously; even if it is not a part of the formal W3C process.