12 May 2014

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Susann_Keohane, Tim_Boland, Mary_Jo_Mueller


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<EA> I do not have access to a phone today but will see if I can use SIP in a minute

<Lisa_Seeman> great

<Barry_Johnson> In an alternate meeting, but will track on IRC

and I also have my colleague jessie on IRC just to help me out for this meeting

I will

<JF> zakim: agenda

<Lisa_Seeman> scribe: NeilMilliken

<JF> zakim: take up item 3

EA Draffan Backround in Speech and Lang Therapy now senior researcher at Uni Southampton Long history of work in AT

set scribe

preview agenda


Tony Doran Worked at Texthelp for last 10 years now heading up Browse Aloud division

Lisa_seeman Explaining remit of the TF for new joiners

Aim to improve accessibility for people with Cognitive disabilities - stage 1 GAP analysis

See wiki for info so far

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Main_Page

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Gap_Analysis

Looking at ideas for suggesting best practice for cognitive accessibility

review actions, groups

Joshua - Non Vocal and Aphasia cross-over

EA looks like there is a difference in terminology in UK

Lisa Localisation issues are a common theme

EA and Joshua to connect and discuss

Keeping strands separate for the present and reveiw later?

EA - Many people not aware of the difference of the affects Left and Right sided aphasia

Joshua OConnor wants to talk about AAC

<EA> I would agree about the AAC device standards issue but is this to do with web accessibility? sorry I am not sure how wide the brief is on this topic?

JOC's daughter has had 4 different AAC systems but none of them are interoperable. This is a huge problem and impacts on the ability for people to maintain and move to new systems as they cannot move from one system to the next.

<JohnRochford> AAC = Augmentative and Alternative Communication

<EA> Do we mean the symbol languages or the devices - ie PCS versus widgit versus Symbol stix versus other symbol sets?

Would Texthelp be interested in dyslexia sub group?

Sorry my fault I wrote joshua and it should have been Joseph

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Section_3

<EA> Not all sadly when adapting them to suit the user

<EA> I mean the symbol sets are not all interoperable as they have different grammatical symbols such as Minspeak with compaction versus Bliss with abstract.

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Section_3

PCS? symbols work well for JOC's daughter

<EA> Take the concept and tag - metadata would work I think but a lot of hard work such as IMS idea

Lisa talking about possibility of mapping symbol sets to enable interoperability

EA - Mada centre and university of Southampton mapping English to Arabic - building a lexicon of symbols

Looking at Morphology and grammar

JOC - has talked to Proloquo to go people about using PCS symbols but they have said that metadata doesn't map.....may take years to map and complete

EA yeas it will

EA - we have 2.5 years left to try and complete the project

EA we will do our best to make the research work in a practical way - may not easily sit with Guidelines

Lisa S TF is not just here to look at guidelines ...

Janina - remit to look at GAP analysis and then to roadmap

Janina - Gap analysis needs to be complete before we can roadmap as we need a complete picture

LS we can't only identify faults there does need to be some overlap....problem statement may have room for some possible solution outlines

Who has that action?

<Lisa_Seeman> trackbot, action?

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Joseph and EA to work together - email is best method for getting the best out of EA - action with Joseph

lisa explains that we do our work in public - it saves any problems later with copyright

technology reviews and approaches: functional approach to inclusion,

<Liddy> slrry!

Liddy ISO approach looking at what are the functions people need

We have lost you lIddy

<Liddy> I can't do any better - sorry!

suggests Liddy redial

<Liddy> no - there is no way to fix it -

<Liddy> I will try to write it up ..

Joseph - taking opportunity to make excuses and leave the call today

LS any other actions or completed actions from people?

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Gap_Analysis/Dyslexia

Talking through sections in GAP analysis

LS listing issues with cognitive functions as names may change

LS one section leads into the next

Scenarios and user stories to give examples in real life of how people's difficulties manifest in real life and map to the challenges

<Lisa_Seeman> https://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Gap_Analysis/Introduction

LS post link in scenarios to the challenges

LS - What guidelines are out there already - we don't have to reinvent the wheel

Perhaps tony may wish to comment on these

LS any questions

JF Managed to get some work done on the down syndrome page but had a question on formatting

John Rochford - was following the way of creating references that Lisa had initiated

LS should we decide now how to reference

EA we should only ever have to do referencing once

NM I'll second that

JF can and should we Hyperlink?


We have URLs

HAve tried to use Harvard style

<JohnRochford> I have used APA style.

<janina> Regrets. Need to go to another mtg.

Links in line preferred by JF

Katy still wants a list of where we are referencing from

EA wants to know that reference in a way that is recognised.

LS will consult with W3C

LS action to clarify referencing style

<EA> is the style guide this page http://www.w3.org/2001/06/manual/#References

<JF> Lisa, two W3C'ers to check with are Ian jacobs and Coralea Mercier

<Barry_Johnson> I have to go do a review. I should have time to work on ADHD later this week. If I need to change reference style, I'll work that in too... See you next week.

EA looking W3C refernces

<ddahl> I need to drop off now, talk to you next week

Result + very long reference

Tony Doran - definitely stuff of interest to us here

LS - please send any changes to me

zakin, make minutes

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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