Cognitive A11y Task Force

10 Mar 2014

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Lisa_Seeman, Liddy_Nevile, Mary_Jo_Mueller, Janina_Sajka, Elle_Waters, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Debbie_Dahl, John_Foliot, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Micheal_Cooper
Debra_Ruh, Katherine, John_Rockford, Jim_Allen
Katie Haritos-Shea


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Any new issues

<Lisa_Seeman> http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/2014/03/ftf-meeting

LS: We start at 9am for the Face 2 face
... Please join us if you can come. I will give a review of what we are doing. And a few issues

1 issue is addressing AAA issues that are relevant to Cognitive issues

This puts WCAG in a tricky position because laws reference the technniques specifically - but we are still wanting to address them

KHS: Noted that Techniques are not required for WCAG conformance, so we want to discourage agencies and countries from doing so.

LS: there are aslo SC that need to be addresssed
... I will be putting some slide together for CSUN, do you jave any ideas to consider for the slidess


LS: I want to change the name of the Aging. I prefer Age Related Cognitive Decline - Lets call it Dementia and Cognitive Decline

<richardschwerdtfeger> k thx

<JF> +1 to capturing "aging"

RS: There are cognitive impairment related to aging - we didnt want to draw in visual and hearing decline

JF: we want to be sure we are apturing where aging fits into the bigger picture. Dealing with issues arounddemention seperate from cognitive issues.
... We really do want to include aging somewhere - maybe it is around severity. I am not sure

LS: maybe this is seperate topic. I do not want to link Cogntive decline to aging only
... I do not want to imply that everyone as they get older will succumb to cognitive decline

RS: Just becasue you are aging does not mean ypu will have disability

LS: Cognitive Decline

RS: There are ADD issue with aging, there certainly are people with depression. We did an study with NIDDR about depresssion and ADD
... there are a lot of similar issues that are not always the same for each person

MJM: I do not want to boil the issue on this one. I want to keep it focused on the aging population and what their cognitive issue might be

LN: Some people there issue is just getting old are not the same as cognitive decline
... It should be very clearly distinct between cognitive issues and those that just have regular very old issue

LN> We should keep aging or a word like that in

KHS: I agree

<Liddy> Some people say now that older people may seem to perform less effectively because they have overloaded their brains - not decline but already 'full'

LS: Next week we are not going to have a call because we wiill be at CSUN
... The following week I will be traveling home so I may need help maybe with the meeting that week. We wanted to give people weeks to get their stuff up on the wiki, so this is a reminder about that

<Liddy> I will be absent for 2 weeks

<Lisa_Seeman> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-cognitive-a11y-tf/2014Feb/0043.html

LS: I can talk about Dislexia or we can talk about the WCAG 2 review I did. What would you like?
... Lets look at the first half of the WCAG review that I did
... Several SC are AAA and many of the techniques are Advisory - there are the 2 big issues I see
... We will need to create resources ourselves for what we consider is Jargon for 1.1.1.
... The next issue is CAPTCHA. JF talked about biometrics

JF: I think really- that whole area is one of general observation - today that requires some proprietary solutions - which is a problem for now.
... That might be a work item - with out talking about a specific vendor - we can outline that there is the ability now to capture certain humanistic qualities
... We can do, are you infact a human? Yes I thinkwe can do that. The problem is if you have onlly 1 human characterstic - so about multiple ways of addressing
... We might want to make it and exploritory white paper. I do not think about

EW: I want to look at the pragmatic peices - to come up with something that has a pass fail

JF: the requirment is we want to be able to deterine if you are a human or not. Currentvly we are talking about a very sppecific technology

EW: How does WCAG address new technology?

JF: at the F2F might be the place to kick off that dialog. Ask them hpw we can coordinate something like that. In the W3C we do have Notes - which is like a White Paper
... So maybe we want to suggest a W3C WCAG 2 NOTE for CAPTCHA or HUMAN. As Elle said it transcends just cognitive
... You just have to come up with something very different. Maybe I am using the q+

JS: Beyond WCAG and the WCAG WG their is also the WAI Research Working Group chaired by Simon Harper. And there is also PF
... Gee we wnt to talk about additional SC - we carefullyy hammered out out about how that might happen. But it needs to follow a specific task. First the Gap Analysis and then come nack and say where are the appropraite opportunity to add something

JS; CAPTCHA - PF wrote a CAPTCHA paper long ago and we need to update that. Pelase help us with that

KHS: Yes a biometric marker requirement is missing from WCAG and other standards do have this. This si a clear gap.

LS: Can a user tell the difference between a dog and a cat. Their may be alternative that we can use through a CAPTCHA - alternative methods include a different cognitive levels
... That is my suggestion as an alternatie to deal with diff cognitive disabiliteis
... To elaborate on Janina's point. We are mandate to do a Gap Anaysis, then Road Map an then Altenative Techniques
... We are supposed to address thongs mostly at the Techniques level, but may change over time
... Let's say we say WCAG needs a new SC at say Level A = we would do that by putting that in the Road Map. The WCAG could pick up the RM and agree or disagree
... We need to make new version of the CAPTCHA Note for PF

JS: I do not thonk we would republish that before running it through this group first

LS: The next GL is Adaptable present content in different ways and the checkpoint for Information and Relationships (A) - i think this is a fantastic guideline
... I can see simple things that everyone can do
... Enabling thing sot be adaptabel for dofferent audiences is wonderful. When we see a Sufficient technniques is NOT a sufficient technique fromm our persppective - we will want to identify that


LS: The sequence is meaningful is going to be very useful for us. Any comments?

Review of other work done

zaakim, next item

LS: Please everyone get something up on the wiki in the next two weeks.

Attendees: Attendees were Lisa_Seeman, Liddy_Nevile, Mary_Jo_Mueller, Janina_Sajka, Elle_Waters, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Debbie_Dahl, John_Foliot, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Micheal_Cooper


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