03 Mar 2014

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Barry, Johnson
Liddy, lisa


<Lisa_Seeman> agenda: this

<Lisa_Seeman> ??P0 is Lisa_Seeman

<janina> akim, ??P6 is me

<Liddy> I can't volunteer because my line drops regularly, sorry

<Liddy> I can try

<MichaelC> scribe: Liddy

<janina> scribe: liddy

<MichaelC> scribe: Liddy

LS: struggling to get scribe

LS; main agenda item is prelim review for dyscalcula etc to see how to do it - no need to be perfect yet

LS: CSun breakfast reservation for Wednesday breakfast

Any new issues and introductions

<Lisa_Seeman> ??+1.502.632.aaaa is Elle


DR: quick update - looking at usability processes and remapping them esp Canadian design processes
... we used to look at this from usability perspective so it's a place to start, we think. Feedback welcome

DF: the work's not ready yet - more to be done

DR: Katie has some ideas about this and can talk next week

<neilmilliken> http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/cognitive-a11y-tf/wiki/Gap_Analysis/Dyscalculia

NM: put up some things with colleague - collated sparce info re dyscalculia - not a lot out there
... cognitive functions and descriptions and problems
... feedback often that people like the Web and say they don't have problems but when doing something they demonstrate they do - but not with text etc
... we put some use cases - booking a train ticket is important because pften such people don't drive
... time etc can cause problems, as can multiple bookings, using time or money, ...
... person explained she used 'purples' - big notes o there will be change rather than working out whan to pay...
... putting in credit card numbers etc can be tricky, passwords, etc
... putting govt services online will mean increasing difficulties
... online banking problems - login, random digits, choosing how much to transfer, extrra 0's, etc
... setting up account, browsing OK but selecting amount (quantity) is hard
... helping people by setting limits etc might be good
... maybe quidelines etc for helpers
... assistive techs are not plentiful -
... people seem to think of the Web as an escape so they don't identify with their problem until they need to do something

LS: this will get worse as online increases
... I'd like a use case for a Web of things interface - eg TV with arrows up and down

NM: controls are often analog eg for temp have blue and red for hot and cold to avoid numbers

LS: good if we find things we can solve

NM: supermarket problems should be solvable eg with pictograms, small/medium/large

LS: brainstorming solutions is good

<neilmilliken> lost audio

LS: finding way to solve problems is good
... very good work, Neil, thank you
... are there examples of unnecessary things causing a barrier?

Suzanne: when looking for solutions, let's find ones that are useful to everyone eg comparison of price

<neilmilliken> I am sure that it could be beneficial for many

Suzanne: that might help getting ideas adopted

LS: (unchaired) first we need to find solutions and not worry if we can't make them for everyone

Suzanne: people with disabilities are more often just having something more than others - not uniquely

??: in solving some problems we often do help extra people

NM?: one person has husband who does not like her shopping online because she buys too much unknowingly - some problems are common

JR: I have a person with expertise and will ask for feedback

<neilmilliken> Thanks John


I'll try

<Lisa_Seeman> Liddy: access for all

Access for All Review

<janina> scribe: lisa

<Lisa_Seeman> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-cognitive-a11y-tf/2014Mar/0002.html

<Lisa_Seeman> Liddy: access for all metadate on prefrences

<Lisa_Seeman> descriptions of preffrence

<Lisa_Seeman> descriptions of resources

I'll scribe again'

<Lisa_Seeman> eg - tempritures provide slide interface

<janina> scribe: liddy

LS: opening floor re what we need in a tech review
... do we want examples of how the tech helps etc?

I can add to my tech review - just couldn't get on wiki ...

Suzanne: yes, the more detail we have the better

<neilmilliken> agree

<Lisa_Seeman> do we want more details - worked example of 1, were it can help, and 2. gaps- what may need to be added / augmented

Suzanne: what about order - what should be review first? tech, problems?

LS: good question, perhaps cyclic and to move adhead we have to work with what we have
... if people can contribute we should make it possible

Suzanne: eg for APIP I can do it now but then will want to review what I have done

LS: in tech review - how it can help, how it can be augmented etc? do we want that?


LS: silence is yes here

<Lisa_Seeman> RESOLVED: tech reviews to include details - worked example of 1, were it can help, and 2. gaps- what may need to be added / augmented - but there is space for "to be added"

<neilmilliken> rich what are the issues?

LS: I can review WCAG? or someone else?

<Lisa_Seeman> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-cognitive-a11y-tf/2014Feb/0041.html

LS: starting but maybe not enough time...
... work done before Task Force set up so preliminary
... I identified things online about how useful tech is from perspective of cog disabilities and then looked for global issues
... WCAG is gold standard and the more we can work in with existing checkpoints the better for adoption
... this is a WCAG Task Force so a good approach
... important techniques for cog are likelt to be AAA or just recs and this is because they may not be testable but this means we can't say 'this is really important for ... people'
... 'nice to have' might be advisory but essential for some
... how can the necesity be indicated?
... we might want to discuss this with WCAG - it is my 'big' issue
... comments re text alternatives - might be better if short and understandable and not jargon
... eg 'homepage' is Web jargon
... Neilson report on aging shows many don't understand even 'homepage'

Janina: times getting funny for international calls . US going to daylight time...pls check times

LS: time's up - any comments?
... closing but text alt is an issue ..

<neilmilliken> I dont think it's alt text per say liddy

<neilmilliken> its the different weight of importance placed upon recommendations dependent on difficulty

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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