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Please make plans to be in Krems for the project meetings in the afternoon of Tuesday May 19 and the morning of Friday May 22.

There are links to hotels etc. on the Practical Info page

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Johann's slides from the Timisoara project meeting are here File:201505 20-21 SharePSI Krems.pdf

Tuesday 19 May

Room SE2.4, Danube University Main Building

  • 14:00 Gather together, Johann will show us around the facilities.
  • 15:00 Review Berlin CfP
  • 15:30 - 17:30 Down to business with Peter W, Noel, Makx to lead a discussion of BPs so far
  • 17:30 Final preparation for the workshop, including scribe assignments (Johann)
  • 18:00 Leave to check into hotel
  • 19:00 Meet at Heurigen Müller: Google Maps

Wednesday-Thursday 20 - 21

The workshop Agenda

Friday 22 Project Meeting

Room 0.1, Danube University Main Building

See also Krems/Scribe#Project_Meeting_Friday

09:00 Reflections on workshop 4


  • More submissions than in Timissioara and Lisbon (+20)


  • View from the companies
  • Coffee breaks where enough for discussions, there is no need
  • Open data in action


  • Presentations were too long. Shorter and more time for interactive discussion
  • There are too many topics touched, it’s a bit difficult to get a complete overview on the PSI topic
  • Write organizations on the badges
  • What was missing is the public sectors point of view how to respect the challenges which have been expressed by the PSI / data users

11:30 Review meeting, Luxembourg, 18 November

Wednesday, 18th November SharePSI review day meeting. People who have to show up (mentioned by Phil): Johann, Daniel, Makx, Noel, Amanda to be held at the commission building. Report period ends in September

TODOs for all members

Provide input to the progress report, we need:

  • Public report and
  • Internal report

The report will include

  • what partners have contributed to SharePSI (workshop facilitation, paper, presentation, Barcamp, ...)
  • what people have been enabled to do and wouldn’t have been able to do without the outcome of SharePSI.

11:45 Berlin preparations (Yury/Jens/Phil)

Programme/Organising Committee volunteers please (if you haven't done this yet, it's definitely your turn).

Yuri Glickmann presenting outlook to Berlin Workshop, 24. – 27. November 2015 (refer to Slides from Yuri) The SharePSI meeting shedule from 10.000ft:

24.11. Internal project meeting 25.11. SharePSI public workshop 26.11. SharePSI public workshop 27.11. Internal project meeting

Suggestions for Berlin:

  • What was going in respect to PSI implementation specifically in a country? It might be better to have a holistic view on the state of PSI / open data instead of seeing bits and pieces.
  • A two hours workshop by maybe 5 people which give a holistic view on the state of open data / PSI implementation
  • Summarizing short business success stories. It might be also interesting to have results from the US.
  • German government is apparently using UBL / CCTS inspired data exchange, It ill be interesting to hear from their challenges in regard to usage of that IOP standards.
  • Bremen is using a catalogue of core components. It might be also interested to have PwC on stage presenting the work they do for ISA in repsect to core components / core vocabularies.
  • Have Inspire-people talking about their success factors so others can learn from that, especially in regard what should the government do to improve the interoperability situation.

Berlin workshop will invite people from and will be co-located with an assembly of German cities, 15-20 cities are expected to shop up.


  • Valentina will write a structure for a presentation covering a whole country, so a holistic view on the state of open data / PSI will emerge
  • Noel will give a session in Berlin on
  • Amanda: summarize business short stories of companies, including the business presentations from Krems
  • Phil will change the CfP according to the new agenda which also emerges from the outcome described above.
  • Pecka will talk about city interoperability in regard to APIs, data harmonization for better business scale. It will be challengening to get them all to Berlin

12:00 Zagreb and beyond

12:30 Bus leaves for airport

Discussion 10:30 - 11:30

  • to edit the wiki: you need an account!! [1]
  • reports: Philippe will provide you templates, please fill in details
  • Best practices (BPs) - new process to collect and process
 * Link to BPs wiki [2]
 * please: short and precise!
 * make sure they are atomic. If not please split into multiple BPs
 * categorization discussed, details see Nancy’s slides and word template
 * our BPs shall be linked with external BPs
 * team of volunteers defined to check/categorize BPs; conference call 2 weekly
 * list shall be ready in September
 * Berlin: consensus process, dedicated session, short presentation on each. If comment/objections are raised, revisit will be necessary
 * dates: please provide BPs at latest by September 2015
 * serves as input for review meeting in November
  • Localized guides
 * we have some, others are in the process of writing them
 * we have to show them at the final review meeting
 * localized guides have to reflect national particularities (includes language)
 * links to BPs are important
 * localized guides are the focus after Berlin!
  • Zagreb
* location: either Zagreb or Varazdin (connected by bus every hour). Decision: Zagreb is it by 2/3 majority. Dates will be decided soon, plan: March 14 onwards, three days
* it’s really beautiful in spring :)
* discussion on timing: either March: talk about localized guides as work in progress; or later: talk about results. Decision: March it is.
  • SharePSI-3
 * no call at the moment, need to talk to the commission about opportunities