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Share-PSI 2.0 Best Practice

Source: Best Practices/User engagement and collaboration throughout the lifecycle, Best Practices/Encourage crowdsourcing, Best Practices/Getting Journalists Involved In the Process Of Opening Up Data

Outline of the best practice

Not every dataset that an organisation can possibly publish as Open Data is equally relevant or interesting to the re-users. Understanding the demand for data might help organizations to focus on datasets that are relevant to the re-users which in turn might foster re-use of Open Data.

Management summary


Selecting datasets to be published as Open Data might be challenging because it might not be always clear what datasets are worth making available for re-use.


Understanding who the potential re-users are and what datasets they demand helps publishers to focus on datasets that are relevant and interesting to the re-users.

Best Practice identification

Why is this a Best Practice? What’s the impact of the Best Practice

Just making data open might not be enough because there might be a gap between the supply and demand for data. Following this practice should lead to better alignment between the supply and demand for Open Data.

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Why is there a need for this Best Practice?

Missalignment between the supply and demand side of the Open Data ecosystem might negativelly affect the re-use of data.

What do you need for this Best Practice?

When selecting datasets for publication (potential) re-users should be identified for every candidate dataset. Identifying community crowd sourcing projects outside government institutions can also be an indicator of valuable datasets that should be made available as Open Data.

Engaging the re-users in the planning phase of an Open Data initiative might result in valuable feedback what datasets they need. Data journalists represent a user group that can help promote the released data.

Applicability by other Member States

Best practice is applicable across the member states.

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