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Best Practices/Study the Companies that Build on PSI at National Level

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Share-PSI 2.0 Best Practice

Source: Best Practices/Infomediary Sector Characteristics

Outline of the best practice

The Spanish companies that create applications, products or value added services for third parties, from public sector information are studied periodically to better know their necessities in order to adapt the public sector information offer. Hereinafter we will call this set of companies: the infomediary sector.

Management summary


Discovering the main features of infomediary companies and their offered products and services which constitute the key agent in the reutilization process. Delineating the main characteristics of the primary information supply, which constitute the raw material from which the products and services are generated. Learning about the market and the demand for applications, products and services Obtaining some proposals for improvement


The study provides and analyzes the key elements that define the infomediary sector in Spain, a sector made up of companies that produce products and / or services for sale to third parties from the public sector information. Results mainly focus on the following sectors:

  • Basic charactieristics of the infomediary industry
  • Products, services and applications offered from reused information
  • Marketing models and revenue

Study June 2011 edition (in Spanish), http://www.ontsi.red.es/ontsi/sites/default/files/1308555551216.pdf

Study July 2012 edition, Executive summary (in English), http://www.ontsi.red.es/ontsi/sites/default/files/121001_red_007_final_report_2012_edition__vf_en_1.pdf

Study 2014 edition, Executive summary (in English), http://www.ontsi.red.es/ontsi/sites/default/files/executive_summary_public_infomediary_sector_2014.pdf (this edition has been published in march 2015)

Best Practice identification

Why is this a Best Practice? What’s the impact of the Best Practice

It allows fulfilling the objectives of the directive Reuse and deepening the progress of the information society

  • Fosters the development of new digital products and services, thereby stimulating economic and business activity and ultimately providing value for society as a whole.
  • Helps to accomplish PSI Directive to each entity of its duty to publish public data and make that data available for reuse, adapting the offer to the private sector demand.
  • Enables the existence of a global scenario that fosters the extraction of general conclusions and a general overview of the PSI situation in Spain, facilitating the use of this information to extract meaningful and actionable knowledge regarding the open data landscape

Links to the PSI Directive

Policies and Legislation

Why is there a need for this Best Practice?

  • To foster job creation in the infomediary sector
  • To get the most out of scarce public resources that are available in our country
  • To increase reuse in Spain, by the private and also by the public sectors
  • To focus the government agencies efforts on offering the relevant information to the infomediary sector
  • To improve available datasets formats, the information quality and its accessibility.
  • To promote better national regulations on PSI
  • To enhance coordination between public and private sector in PSI reuse

What do you need for this Best Practice?

  • A high-level mandate to endorse the study.
  • Identify companies that make up the infomediary sector.
  • Design and conduct a survey to find the necessary aspects.
  • Collaborate with reuse PSI industry business associations
  • Apply the lessons learned from the study results
  • Periodically repeat the survey to measure the progress made

Applicability by other Member States

The approach is applicable to any Member State. It is directly applicable to any EU country because the study is not very expensive It would be interesting to dispose a study with a uniform methodology and common indicators to better understand the infomediary sector at European level.

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