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Cross Agency Strategy

Short Description

There needs to be a strategy that coordinates the efforts of multiple agencies


A plan is essential if decision makers at the highest level, i.e. ministers, are to support an approach to implementation.

Intended Outcome

It SHOULD be possible for different agencies to understand what is required, to plan accordingly and to measure progress.

Possible Approach

An individual civil servant or department should be given responsibility for developing the plan. They should convene a meeting, or a series of meetings, between stakeholders - data producers, data users etc. and develop the plan through an iterative process before seeking high level endorsement.

How to Test

As a minimum, a summary of the plan should be publicly available.



We can also quote the G8 charter and Shakespeare Review

Life Cycle Stage



PSI Strategy, Open Data Planning



Intended Audience

Senior officials, Strategy (decision) makers

Related Best Practices

Cross agency strategies must be supported by senior officials as in Best Practices/High Level Support.