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Agenda for DWBP teleconference 27-Feb 2015 9:00am EST - 12pm SP

Dial in details

  Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)
  Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, or then 
  conference code 3927#  ("DWBP")
  IRC channel: #DWBP on on port 6665
  • Chair: Hadley
  • Scribe:
  • Regrets:


  1. Check bots are running (see #The IRC Bots)
  2. Matching everyone on IRC and phone lines for Zakim
  3. Appoint Scribe
  4. Approving last call's meeting minutes

Main agenda

Today is a vocabularies meeting!

We have three things to settle today:

  1. Question 1: Should the Data Usage vocabulary and the Data Quality vocabulary be one vocabulary? We should decide this today.
  2. Question 2: Should the Data vocabulary(ies) be extensions of DCAT? Or is it too early to tell?
  3. Question 3: (to the vocabulary editors): We have a year and a bit left for this working group. How do we plan out milestones?

Ideally, we could/should demonstrate:

  • that what we recommend is currently in use (implementations)
  • that we've had lots of outside input, and have responded (by comments and replies)
  • that the entire working group supports the recommendation (by working group votes to publish)

But officially, we just need to vote to publish what is written. See the Data quality vocab timetable for more info on our W3C obligations.

The IRC Bots

  W3C Telecon Resources:
  Zakim instructions in English
  Basic instructions in Portuguese

To start the meeting, check that trackbot is in the IRC channel (it usually is). If not, type:

/invite trackbot

Then you can type:

trackbot, start meeting

That should invite zakim and RRSAgent and generally get things ready to go. If it fails for any reason, you'll need to do things manually that trackbot does automatically. At the start of the meeting check that the following bots are running in IRC:

If any are not in the room, type /invite and then the name of the bot

Remember that the zakim bot is not tied to the WebEx audio so it no longer automatically records who is present, can't tell you who is noisy, can't mute people etc.

If you had to invite RRSAgent manually, during the meeting you need to set the access permissions on the chat log with this command:

RRSAgent, make logs public

Everything else is automatic since we use CommonScribe


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