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Working Group closed

The Working Group was active from December 2013 until January 2017. It's final publication was the Data on the Web Best Practices Recommendation.

This followed the publication of two vocabularies in December 2016: Data Quality and Dataset Usage.

Further maintenance around the Data on the Web Best Practices documents, perhaps including an annual report on their uptake, is expected to happen within the Data on the Web Best Practices Community Group.


The mission of the Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group, part of the Data Activity, is:

  1. to develop the open data ecosystem, facilitating better communication between developers and publishers;
  2. to provide guidance to publishers that will improve consistency in the way data is managed, thus promoting the re-use of data;
  3. to foster trust in the data among developers, whatever technology they choose to use, increasing the potential for genuine innovation.

The guidance will take two forms: a set of best practices that apply to multiple technologies, and vocabularies currently missing but that are needed to support the data ecosystem on the Web.

The group's charter has more information.


The scope of the working group is very broad (significantly broader than most W3C Working Groups) and is clarified through its Use Cases and Requirements document.



The WG benefits from having 4 co-chairs:

  • Hadley Beeman (Invited Expert)
  • Deirdre Lee (Derilinx)
  • Yasodara Córdova, Web Specialist (Ceweb.br/W3C Brasil)
  • Steven Adler, Perspective & Community Outreach (IBM)

W3C Team Contact: Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>

Full list of participants


  1. Use Cases & Requirements, see Ucr
  2. Data on the Web Best Practices, see Dwbp
  3. Data Quality Vocabulary, see Dqv
  4. Dataset Usage Vocabulary, see Duv

Wish List

The WG has created a Wish List of things it would like to see developed further by a future Working Group.

Recent Meetings & Minutes

A complete record of all agendas and minutes is available on the Meetings page.

Additional Working Group Reading Resources

Patent Policy

This Working Group operates under the W3C Patent Policy (5 February 2004 Version). To promote the widest adoption of Web standards, W3C seeks to issue Recommendations that can be implemented, according to this policy, on a Royalty-Free basis.

For more information about disclosure obligations for this group, please see the W3C Patent Policy Status Page.