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Table with open issues from tracker that are related to the themes on BP Document.

Theme Issue # Comments
2. Audience ISSUE-73
3. Scope ISSUE-74
6.2.1 Metadata ISSUE-76
6.2.1 Metadata ISSUE-79
6.2.4 Data Identification ISSUE-62
6.2.4 Data Identification ISSUE-75
6.2.4 Data Identification ISSUE-77
6.3.1 Data Formats ISSUE-67
6.3.4 Data Preservation ISSUE-63
6.3.4 Data Preservation ISSUE-62
6.3.5 Data Versioning ISSUE-69
6.4.1 Data Enrichment ISSUE-72
6.5 Feedback ISSUE-71
General ISSUE-52 To have a glossary in the document
General ISSUE-56 To keep non-normative sections in the same document, not in a separated one
General ISSUE-68 Definition of "structured data", to be part of glossary
General ISSUE-78
General ISSUE-80 Related to ISSUE-52
General ISSUE-81 Related to ISSUE-78
General ISSUE-82 Related to ISSUE-80