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For reference: schedule for Data usage, workspace for data quality, current draft, previous "official" draft DQV schedule

DQV Editorial actions

Status Milestone/Activity Target date(s) What needs to be done persons
Editors update vocabulary draft April 1st 2016 Editors update vocabulary draft Everyone
Update the ontology file April 7th 2016 This is the more formal part of the voc spec Editors
Vote on Working Note April 8th 2016 Vote on DQV Everyone
Post-publication work 30 July 2016 Everyone

Remaining issues and prioritization:

All issues:

Key work required:

  • Question from SDW WG on representing precision and accuracy (Examples have been double-checked by Andrea Perego (see thread, and the section has been revised by Antoine, the action can be closed)
    • An extra example about :spatialResolutionAsAngularDistance has been discussed in [1], should we consider to add it in a future ??

Less important issues, which we can close quickly when needed, as we have a basic solution

Backburner issue, probably to come back to at the last moment

Other "non-official" issues:

  • Do we need both dqv:hasQualityMeasurement and dqv:computedOn?
  • Express an axiom relating dqv:hasQualityAnnotation and oa:hasTarget.
  • problem with double arrow that is not about inverse property (raised with DUV, we might have some as well, or be careful not to introduce new ones)
  • we may (quite unlikely) want to come back to the huge discussion on completeness
  • we could try and relate results of tests like RDFUnit into DQV. Also tests themselves (as per provenance discussions) [AI: can we consider that this is done by A warning though: I have not checked their implementation. Riccardo, have you?]

Actions and material from F2F Zagreb: