ISSUE-236: agentClassification, usageClassification, skos:Concept

agentClassification, usageClassification, skos:Concept

Data Usage Vocabulary
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Joao Paulo Almeida
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Same for duv:classification. This seems to be used to classify foaf:Agents using skos, … How is this in scope of DUV?

Eric feedback: We wanted to expand on how to describe Agents, in the past you may recall we attempted this by using prov:Agent, but found even that was too limiting. Agent in terms of usage may not be a specific person they may be "System Biologist", "Financial Analyst" and we wanted a way to describe this in a consistent way.

JP: I still think that DUV should focus on usage, feedback, ... These little things that we think may be missing are still off scope, and should be treated elsewhere by other standardization efforts. Are these things strongly required by DUV?
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Joao Paulo- Please respond to the suggested feedback provided in meeting: Do you agree or do you have other suggestions. If you agree with the path forward, we can close this issue.

Eric Stephan, 3 Mar 2016, 14:38:42

Specific uses of skos and classification properties were removed from the model. Will add some text explaining how this could be in down before the f2f.

Eric Stephan, 11 Mar 2016, 05:14:40

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