ISSUE-216: duv:Rating as an instance of daq:Metric

duv:Rating as an instance of daq:Metric

Data Usage Vocabulary
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Eric Stephan
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The data quality vocabulary daq:Metric has been included in the feedback model, duv:Rating is included as an instance of daq:Metric as opposed to being a subclass. Should it be a subclass or instance? If an instance is appropriate how should this be depicted as an instance in the model diagram?
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Based on the meeting discussions held with the DQV team November 27, 2015 it was decided that the best approach for data usage was to use skos:Concept as a means to extend the notion of usage ratings. From the DUV perspective the rating is more of an opinion. If metrics are needed metrics could be included as part of the skos:Concept.

Eric Stephan, 11 Dec 2015, 09:59:34

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