ISSUE-20: Review use cases organization - change the order

Review use cases organization - change the order

Data Usage Vocabulary
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Antoine Isaac
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Many cases are not real 'cases', let alone 'use cases'. Especially those at the beginning. E.g. case #5 (tracking of data usage), #7 (machine-readability of licenses) and #8 (machine-readability of SLAs) do not have obvious usage scenarios. They look more like general challenges or even requirements. In fact they appear almost as such as requirements later.
There are also cases like #3 and #4 that just call for datasets in specific domains to be published. They don't really say who needs them, for what, nor what the challenges are.
On the other hand, we've got mammoth cases, with real usage scenarios, or at least real data publishers: #21, #25, #21...
Putting them at the end is a bit counter-productive. I would recommend to start with these much more flesh, and then put the smaller or less obvious cases after. Actually in such an editorial state these lesser cases could be just use as a mere excuse to introduce challenges or requirements that are not introduced in the bigger ones.
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Order of use cases presentation was changed. More real usage scenarios are presented first.

Bernadette Farias Loscio, 5 Jun 2014, 02:14:04

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