Forms Working Group Teleconference

16 Oct 2013


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ebruchez, +1.323.425.aaaa, nvdbleek, Steven, unl


<trackbot> Date: 16 October 2013

XForms Event Amsterdam, 22 Nov 2013

Steven: More information on Monday

Chrome to remove XSLT


Steven: Did I understand that Alain said he would rewrite XSLT in Javascript?
... (Shame he's not here)
... I think that that is what I understood from his mail

<unl> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-forms/2013Oct/0015.html

Nick: Quite a challenge

Erik: A decent component model is coming, so the need for transforming one tree to another won't be required
... it will be like how the Firefox XForms extension worked
... I'm not too concerned

ACTION-1868 - Bruchez to summarize problems with error handling and

three options for variable type handling


Erik: I didn't manage to finish it, but I added a few things. Action error, and modified some text. Removed script exception
... I added error types as well
... I have a list, not sure if it is perfect.
... Needs checking, if anyone has the time.
... We don't have a generalised way of representing errors in the system
... in XForms in general
... I made them up thinking they might be useful.
... XPath has error numbers, we don't.

Steven: Where is that list? (I can't see it in the diff)

Erik: Search for "other-error"

Steven: Got it.


Erik: I hope to complete soon.

Steven: I shall work more on my action items.


Summary of Action Items

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