Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

02 Aug 2013


  1. Good News ! ! !
  2. Action items, short term in wiki - review status of all
  3. ATAG:
  4. WCAG review - Volunteers to review, consider, and comment on the Question about the note and the rest of the substantial changes
  5. Tutorials


Shawn began the meeting with the announcement that Sharron Rush has been invited to serve as EO co-chair and has accepted. The group reviewed individual short term action items as listed in the wiki and agreed that the system for listing them in that way is working out. The group discussed the need for ATAG review. Shawn thanked everyone who had commented for EO's review of ATAG, which is about to go into Candidate recommendation and asked other members to comment as well. Next the group considered updates to the WCAG Techniques and Understanding documents. A question arose about the best placement of a Note about the relationship of WCAG to the Techniques and Understanding Documents. EO participants are asked to comment.

Finally, the group considered the current version of the tutorials. Bim has taken a first pass at the visual design, specifically the navigation. Shawn suggested that we find a volunteer to polish that design and Andrew agreed to make some inquiries among designers he knows. In the meantime, the content of the images tutorial is progressing to the point where we will have a draft ready for thorough review very soon and Shawn asked members to keep it on their radar. Shadi noted the inclusion of a couple of place-holder images that they will be seeking content for and asked members to consider those. The meeting adjourned early and members were asked to use the time to complete current work, both individual actions assigned and actions for all.


Sharron, Sylvie, Shawn, AnnaBelle, Denis, Suzette, Paul, Andrew, Howard, Shadi, Bim
Vicki, Helle


Good news!

Shawn: The good news is that Sharron is now co-chair of EOWG

<Andrew> Hey - excellent :)

<dboudreau> wow! :)

<Suzette2> Congratulations to Sharron

Shawn: we've been talking about it for a while. Got it approved by the W3 management.
... Sharron has been helping with stuff for a while and so it will be good to have someone to help with the planning.

Sharron:Thanks all, I am honored and excited about helping in this way.

<Denis> this is really good news :)

Shawn: A help with big picture planning and all.
... anyone is welcome to help with the big picture thinking and planning you are welcome to join the weekly call or help in any way.
... we want to continue to think about participation. We want to be sure that we have good member and industry participation. Such as companies in which the whole purpose is not as focused on accessiiblity.
... we want to find ways to use WAI-Engage to orient people to the work of EO (if we cn launch some projects that will engage participation, use as a kind of preliminary participation for possible EO membership.

Action items

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Action_Items</ a>

Shawn: So let's look at the wiki and see where we all are. Thanks Andrew for getting yours done, AnnaBelle in progress with the illustrations.

AnnaBelle: I will have a version on Monday or so.

Shawn: If everyone can please try and make some time early next week to review.
... Denis, thanks for your comments. Howard were you going to comment on the keyboard items?

Howard: You mean the feedback? It seemed like that was a complex one and the issue comes down to what is the interpretation of WCAG.
... not sure if we can interpret it that way.

Shawn: Our plan is to gather comments and go with it to WCAG so feel free to say just that.

Paul: I have not quite gotten all the way through. It is my first read through and I will finish it today.

Shawn: Great, put that date into the wiki.
... Sharron when can you get yours done?

Sharron: Today

Shawn: I have been waiting for others to make comments and will get mine done today too.
... and Suzette?

<paulschantz> updated completion date in action items

Suzette: Mine are in progress. I wanted to review the actual document again. I'll finish it after the call.

Shawn: If everyone can complete the ATAG review first I will appreciate it and get mine done.
... thanks all!

ATAG comments

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/ATAG_review

Shawn: Thanks to all who have commented, much apprecitated. Once these comments are done I will take a look at ATAG at a glance and the Overview.
... I will watch the updates to those and make any changes and send it around for all to review.
... ATAG is in Last Call nearly to go to Candidate Recommendation in which people are asked to implement it. Each requirement will have to have at least 2 real world implementations. Authoring tool developers submit a version that includes implementations of the requirements and get to brag about it.

Andrew: During the implementation phase, a tool does not have to meet each and every requirement does it? It can highlight the ones that it does meet

Shawn: Yes, that is right. We will document the requirements that tool makers do say they have implemented.
... so our job will be to promote it, get those implementations documented, and ask those who use authoring tools to contact the distributors of it and encourage implementation.
... any other thoughts?

Andrew: I like the idea of encouraging ATAG references in procurement documents.

<paulschantz> +1 to Andrew's idea. WCAG is now being referenced in many procurement docs in California

Shawn: We have been talking about doing this (and contract language) in WAI-Engage

Sharron: Procurement seems easier to address than contracts.

Andrew: The nature of contracts is awfully situational that may be hard to address with general language.

WCAG Review

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/WCAG_review#Question:_Where_does_this_Note_fit_better.3F

Shawn: The Techniques and Understanding documents were significantly updated. A part of that was saying that Techniques are NOT required and that other techniques may be used. We updated the FAQs and have a Draft update to the QuickRef.
... the WCAG WG debated one point in particular and left it for more discussion.
... there is a specific question about where the NOte fits. Read through the entire Introduction (beyond what is in our wiki). Think about the pros and cons of where that note would fit and add your comments please.

<Howard> I'll take a look

Denis: I can look at where that note might fit

Shawn: Thank you both, can you add to the wiki and put the date of 8-7

Sylvie: If it is not too long I can look before I go on holiday. This evening I begin holiday, but will try before I leave.

<Paul> Aw, I'll give it a look over

AnnaBelle: I will take a look

Shawn: It is short, may be able to use the time today, we will have a short meeting. Any comments on the rest of the WCAG changes are welcome, too.

Sylvie: When are the comments due?

Shawn: By 15 August


<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/app-notes/</ a>

Shawn: Bim did a first pass at the visual design, specifically the navigation. We should take another pass - does anyone know a designer who may take it on as a project? We may even open it up as a project outside the groups.

Sharron: The idea of posting it to WAI Engage as a contest or something to get people aware and talking about WAI Engage

AnnaBelle: I love that idea

Shadi: How about a combination? You could submit something AnnaBelle, we could post to WAI-Engage and get greater community input.

AnnaBelle: My time constraints are an issue, not sure when I could get to it.

Andrew: I know a couple of designers I would be happy to talk with. No promises.

Shawn: Should we start it on WAI-Engage and ask them to use that?

Andrew: If we have some design to start with, they would have something to engage with.

Shawn: Having votes could be a problem, maybe rather we could have a way to comment rather than vote.

Andrew: We may want to take pieces of each.

Shawn: One thing that occured to me is that we would not want to point to the draft URI, we would want to post it to the final URI before we start promoting.

Shadi: We will have to have a technical review by both the PF and WCAGworking groups
... we need a substantial review process. We hope to close to that stage with the Images soon and so could perhaps put it into the final location for those reviews.

<paulschantz> the design - such as it is - is quite functional and serviceable...how much design work is necessary or envisioned?

Shawn: So we will wait to do a WAI-Engage campaign until we get to the final location.

Shadi: And for it to be a design contest makes it seem larger than it is.

Andrew: Yes there were just a few places where I found it hard to follow, so it is more of a UI tweak than design.

<paulschantz> +1 Annabelle yes, adding polish makes sense

AnnaBelle: Can I put in a word for those of us who like polished design. It seems as though the design now is fairly usable but the visual polish is still needed.

Shawn: So the Images Tutorial will be coming up for thorough review so keep it on your radar.

Shadi: We are going to have a couple of place-holder images where we will need content for that. For example a diagram of a screw top bottle.

Bim: I am working with minimal knowledge of drawing software so I could use input and feedback about the images we are currently using (not looking directly at AnnaBelle)

Shawn: Can you list the images that you would like us to develop feedback for?
... this could be another area where we might use these things as a way to get people to participate. It seems like it might be quite effective.
... anything else? If not, I propose we adjourn and give back the time to work on comments and other actions that you may have?

Howard: I have a series of sessions focused on universal design in the curriculum.

Shawn: Send to the WAI-IG list it is larger group. Anything else to share?
... Thanks all, happy working for next hour, see you next week.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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