Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

07 Mar 2013


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Michael_Cooper, Joshue_O_Connor, Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Bruce_Bailey, Judy, Ben_and_Gregg, Gregg_Vanderheiden, Marc_Johlic, Cherie_Eckholm, Robin_Tuttle, James_Nurthen, Loretta_Guarino_Reid, adam_solomon, David_MacDonald, Cooper
Kerstin_Probiesch, Alex_Li


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WCAG organizational announcements

lgr: Gregg and Loretta have been co-chairs for a long time, finally time to step down

W3C has appointed Joshue O Connor and Andrew Kirkpatrick as new co-chairs

there will be a transition period, they official take over 25 April 2013

it´s been a great privilege to work in this capacity

gv: As you know, I´ve had increasing commitment in other fora

also good to bring in new blood

good to do it at time that we´re not leaving the WG, just handing over the chair baton

charter is due to be renewed this year, good to have the new co-chairs in place before we do the work on that

again, both Loretta and Gregg will continue as members of the Working Group

co-chairs have been equal partners, handing over responsibilities between them as circumstances warrant

note that WG chairs are not appointed by the WG or its chairs, but by W3C management

though we were consulted and happy with the choices

jb: Massive thanks to Gregg and Loretta for the long period of hard work and dedication

chair role can be very demanding

particularly when getting a Rec published

was looking back - Gregg was appointed October 1997, and Loretta June 2006

long terms to serve

this is a key WG for impact on how the Web works for people with disabilities

so thanks so much for all your work


chairs are appointed by the Director

when GV and LGR felt it was time to step back, we looked to find an appropriate time for the switch-over

and looked at candidates who could balance each other´s strengths and help share the workload

there are times when one chair has a strong view on something, and will recuse the chair role for that topic, so the other chair can take over

Michael Cooper will be continuing as Staff Contact

and I´ll continue to be available as well, particularly during the transition

the graduated transition will allow the outgoing chairs to help the incoming chairs get going smoothly

The charter is due for renewal this year

which is part of the normal cycle of W3C work

usually they are renewed every three years

it´s time to think of what the group should do over the next three years

including where we might want new participation

Andrew and Josh will be in the position to help us sort that

An announcement to the W3C Advisory Committee will go out shortly after this meeting

awk: Thanks to Gregg & Loretta for all their years of work so far

would have been reluctant to step into this if they weren´t sticking around

flattered and terrified to be considered

very interested in everyone´s input on group direction

joc: Also thanks to everyone involved

these are big shoes to fill

see my role as service and stewardship

hope to help the group progress

also delighted and scared to do this

lgr: One issue is that the teleconference time, which we´ve had for a long time, doesn´t work well for Josh

may look into changing that

jb: Note Josh has been active in WCAG task forces

we´ve heard for a long time that the call time is difficult for Europe

hard to fix since it´s an international effort

W3C now has a Host in China, so encouraging groups to consider worldwide time slots more than ever

gv: WCAG is heating up in Europe

this is one of only a couple windows that more or less work worldwide, but means super-early for some and super-late for others

experiments with splitting group to different call times didn´t work

will have to figure something out

btw it´s not our intent to stick around just for transition then leave - we do expect to continue our involvement over the long term

as regular participants

Also want to thank Michael for his ongoing work as Staff Contact

co-chairs and Staff Contact work together to make sure the group is following the W3C rules

and Michael does all the work of getting publications out etc.

I´ve been on a lot of Working Groups and this is one of the best

lots of problems to solve but we always come together to solve them

a lot of people have come before us

look at the contributors list in the specs

Public Review of Understanding and Techniques

lgr: we haven´t updated in more than a year

would like to publish during the chair transition, so the new chairs can see that process

mc: public editors´ draft or updated Note?

lgr: editors´ draft, to collect input prior to Note update

don´t know if we can close all open comments, some of which deal with techniques

but want to close as many as possible

LC-2745 : Adding an Example 4: Validating PDF


RESOLUTION: accept as amended

LC-2724 : Contradiction in techniques - F73 & G182, and G183


RESOLUTION: 2724 accepted as amended

LC-2729 : AREA element with no href should not have an alt attribute


RESOLUTION: accept as proposed

Summary of Action Items

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