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How to Join

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To join this group, if you are affiliated with a W3C member organization:

  1. Use the form for getting a W3C account or recovering an old one
  2. Have your AC representative nominate you using the form for joining this group

If you are not affiliated with a member organization, please consider whether membership would be right for your organization. Eric (eric@w3.org) and Yves (ylafon@w3.org) would be happy to discuss this with you or other appropriate people in your organization.

In certain cases, the chairs and staff may permit people to join as "invited experts"; to pursue this option, fill out the application and the chairs will contact you in about a week. Send any questions about this process to team-ldp-chairs@w3.org.

If you are officially in the group, you will automatically receive group email and your w3.org login and password will work on this wiki. New members should create a user page on this wiki (like these) and send its URL to the mailing list to introduce themselves.