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MINUTES: Day 1 Day 2

1 Fourth Face to Face meeting

Our 4th face to face will be held at MIT in Boston on September 12, 13 (Thu, Fri).

1.1 Participants

Below is the list of expected participants.

1.1.1 People planning to be in Boston:

  1. Arnaud Le Hors
  2. Roger Menday
  3. Sandro Hawke
  4. Ted Thibodeau
  5. Nandana Mihindukulasooriya
  6. Ashok Malhotra
  7. Steve Speicher
  8. David Wood
  9. John Arwe
  10. Miguel Esteban Gutiérrez
  11. ericP
  12. Cody Burleson

1.1.2 People planning to participate remotely:

  1. Raúl García-Castro (Intermittenly)

1.1.3 People sending regrets:

  1. Bart van Leeuwen ( Meeting Conflict, Maybe during the evening )
  2. Serena Villata (Conflict with a conference)
  3. Miel Vander Sande (Exchange in LA, depends on my work there, but doubt it)
  4. Kevin Page (Clash with travel)
  5. Steve Battle (conflict with customer engagement)

1.2 Venue

The meeting will be held at

Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT
Building 32
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Room G882 (Hewlett Room) -- southern end of the 8th floor, for those who will carry a compass.

Coffee and juice will provided in the morning, and a box lunch. Additional beverages and food are available for sale in the café on the ground floor of the building and nearby. There will be wireless Internet access.

1.2.1 A few notes about the building

The Stata Center can be a bit confusing as there are two towers: Gates and Dreyfoos. This workshop will be held in the Gates Tower, the entrance to which is on the corner of Vassar and Main Streets.

The building is on an automatic locking system. Doors to the elevator foyers on the 4th floor will be opened for the workshop but the stairwells automatically lock at 5pm (with the only unlocked exit door on the first floor).

Please be careful of your belongings even when stepping away even for a short while. The building is open to the public and there have, unfortunately, been thefts.

1.2.2 How to get to the Stata Center

The MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is located at the northeastern edge of the MIT campus on Vassar Street near the intersection with Main Street.

Boston Logan International Airport is the closest international airport to MIT. The travel time between the airport and hotels in Cambridge will vary between 30 minutes to one hour depending on traffic conditions. Taxis from the airport are plentiful and fares will range around $30-40.

The Stata Center is located a few blocks away from the MBTA Red line Kendall/MIT stop (directions). We strongly suggest that visitors use public transportation. Alternately, several of the the hotels provide shuttle service to MIT. Information on parking is located below.

1.2.3 Parking

The MIT Parking and Transportation Office does not offer pay lots for visitors. They note: "Because the number of visitor parking spaces on campus is limited, it may not be possible to accommodate every visitor who wishes to park at MIT.... We strongly recommend using public transportation when visiting the MIT campus." There is hourly on-street parking available around the Stata Center though Cambridge is a busy area and parking may be difficult to find, especially in inclement weather.

Information on paid parking lots near campus can be found on MIT's parking site.

1.2.4 Hotels

MIT also has a list of nearby hotels.

1.3 Remote Participation

A teleconference bridge has been reserved to provide for remote participation. 12:30-22:00 UTC (8:30am-6:00pm Boston local) - 8 ports

  • Dial +1-617-761-6200 or sip:zakim@voip.w3.org then conference code LDPWG (53794) followed by #
  • As usual we will also be using IRC channel: #ldp.

1.4 Objectives

  • Linked Data Platform specification
    • Dispose of LC comments
    • Identify steps to next stage - 2nd Last Call (LCWD) or Candidate Recommendation (CR - scheduled for 2013-11)
  • Use Cases & Requirements document
    • Identify steps to WD2
  • Test Suite and/or Validator
    • Identify steps to get it complete
  • Access Control WG Note
    • Identify steps to FPWD
  • Best Practices & Guidelines WG Note
    • Identify steps to FPWD
  • Primer
    • Identify steps to FPWD
  • Next Face to Face Meeting
    • To be discussed. Identify possible dates and venues+hosts if deemed necessary.

1.5 References

1.6 Agenda

1.6.1 Day 1 - Thursday September 12

Welcome, logistics, recap of meeting goals, agenda amendments.
LDP specification (Editor's draft, WD2) - steps towards LCWD, review of received comments LC Tracker
LDP specification - pending comments/issues
Primer - status, steps towards FWD
LDP specification - pending comments/issues
LDP specification - pending comments/issues continues
Day 1 recap, adjustments to agenda for day 2, dinner plans
WG Dinner?

1.6.2 Day 2 - Friday September 13

Use Cases & Requirements (Editor's draft) - status, steps towards WD2
Best Practices & Guidelines - status, steps towards FWD
Test Suite & Validator - steps to completion
Access Control WG Note - status, steps towards FWD
LDP specification - pending comments/issues continues
Next Face to Face Meeting: do we need one? when and where?
LDP specification - pending comments/issues continues
LDP specification - pending comments/issues continues