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at Mobile World Congress
27 FEB 12 – 1 MAR 12
Hall 2(2A31)

Are you ready for the Transformation?

Come visit us and learn more about the Open Web Platform

The Open Web Platform is the premier platform for application development. Built on HTML5 and a host of other open standards, HTML5 logo the Open Web Platform is fundamentally transforming industry after industry. Technology convergence, video and rich multimedia, new forms of interaction, social networking, greater device interoperability, and improved accessibility are having a profound impact on the way businesses operate and serve customers. Members of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are shaping the Web as the premier platform for innovation, and changing the way we live, work, and play. Learn more …

Live Demo Schedule

Please check back regularly for new demos and schedule updates.

  • 10:00 Webinos: Zap and Shake
  • 11:00 SK Telecom: CanvasGL: The Fastest GPU-Accelerated WebKit
  • 13:00 Webinos: Wallet in My Phone
  • 14:30 RIM/BlackBerry: PlayBook/QNX platform
  • 16:00 AT&T: HTML5

  • 10:00 Webinos: Zap and Shake
  • 14:00 Webinos: Air Hockey (to be confirmed)

Thanks for visiting!

W3C staff prepare to greet visitors at the Mobile World Congress 2012 booth.

Martin Lasak answers questions about the Webinos Zap and Shake demo.

Ed Schmit from AT&T draws a crowd to his HTML5 presentation at MWC2012.

Andreas Bovens, Opera Software, talks about standards support in Opera Mobile and the Opera Mobile debugging tools.

SK Telecom Gwangyoon Hwang drew rave reviews on his CanvasGL demo.

Karen Myers of W3C experiences augmented reality with technology by Taisuke Fukuno, president of jig.jp.

George Staikos from RIM/BlackBerry enticed developers with the PlayBook/QNX platform.