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Publishing and the Open Web Platform

A W3C Workshop on Publishing using the Open Web Platform

September 16th and 17th, Centre Pompidou, Paris

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W3C gratefully acknowledges IRI for hosting this workshop.

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Special thanks for INRIA for their support of this Workshop.

If you're interested in being a sponsor, please contact J. Alan Bird at abird@w3.org or +1 617 253 7823. For additional information, please visit the Sponsorship program.

Position Papers, Presentation Slides, Meeting Minutes

Workshop Day 1 - Monday, 16 September

Workshop Day 2 - Tuesday 17 September

  • 09:00 Dave Cramer and Phil Madans, Hachette: The Exotic World of Trade Publishing [Position Paper, Slides, Minutes];
  • 10:00 Edward O'Connor, Apple (introduction): Guided Discussion/Panel: What is a Book? [Position Paper, Slides, Minutes];
  • 11:30 Guided Discussion: CSS and Formatting [Minutes]
  • 14:00 Discussion: Barriers to Using the Web for Publishing [Minutes]
  • 15:30 Wrap-up Session: we've identified the barriers, how do we overcome them? [Minutes]

Additional Position Papers