Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference
05 Oct 2012


  1. Face-to-face meeting planning
  2. WCAG-EM - discuss comments in WCAG-EM wiki page


Suzette, Sylvie, Shawn, Vicki, Ian
Sharron, Shadi, Andrew


Planning face-to-face meeting

evaluation materials

how all pieces fit together

preliminary review should be a draft, maybe can get through and get to near final

if other suggestions, send to Shawn


WCAG-EM draft, WCAG-EM review wiki page

review question: Is it clear that this evaluation is for an existing website?

Sylvie: not clear enough
... other situations need to be made clear
... introduction says "website developers during development process" - contradiction

Vicki: agree. contradicts later in the document
... uncomfortable with saying only for website after development. take out "only". can be used in other situations as well
... can use it during development
... too restrictive to say "only"

[discussion on generally improving readability, especially getting rid of all the internal links]

Shawn:Maybe this is a candidate for being able to toggle off links.

Suzette: some information maybe easier to understand in tables, e.g., bullets under 3.3.2 Step 3.b

Shawn:3.2.2 Step 2.b -> Step 2.b

October work & meetings

Shawn:Focus for October on evaluation materials.
... probably not meeting 12 October
... WCAG-EM comments due 20 Oct, so will wrap those on 19 Oct meeting
... 26 Oct discussion in prep for f2f, especially get input from those not attending

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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