22 May 2012

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Doug_Schepers, Richard, +1.703.348.aaaa



shepazu: a few different points on this:

1) ability to make translations and link to them from the main article

2) ability to navigate back to original article

3) list all language versions available

4) prefere a single language where available

r12a: what are the issues?


r12a: the central issue seems to be how the users navigate around

<scribe> scribenick: shepazu

r12a: I'd expect that you could change the langauge from the page, immediately


r12a: is the expectation that there will be translations, or simply independently authored content on the same topic

shepazu: translations

r12a: so, there would be a 1-1 mapping between articles in english (and the structure), and the translations

shepazu: correct


<r12a> http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-navigation-select

r12a: if the expectation is for there to be 1-1 translations, then there shouldn't be separate parallel trees, you should be able to navigate between the same version of articles

(discussion of flags for languages, and why that's flawed)

<r12a> you should be able to hit a link and be taken to a translation of the same page straight away, without having to find your way back to the same context

<r12a> the organization of the database shouldn't preclude this

language preference

shepazu: if you speak french, for example, you may always want to go to the french langauge version of a page, if it's available, and only to the english version if there's no french version available

r12a: but you should have a way of specifying that you want to default to a different language version than is stated in my browser preferences
... for example, in the link above, whatever language you select becomes the default (it sets a cookie)
... it's quite important… someone may prefer the french version, but if the english version of a page is more complete, they may want to always use the english

shepazu: Yaron, is this possible in Mediawiki?

Yaron: I don't know of a default way in Mediawiki, but maybe there could be a rewrite script

(discussion about automatic conneg)

r12a: once you've selected a language, you stay in that language on the site until you change the language

shepazu: even if that means that it redirects you to the version for that language (e.g. /fr)?

r12a: yes, that's the desireable behavior, so the person can always select a different language





<r12a> docs.webplatform.org/html/elements/video/

<r12a> http://www.flickr.com/photos/ishida/7240183554/in/photostream

r12a: so, in that case, it's not part of the site structure, it's more like a parameter



<r12a> fr.webplatform.org/html/elements/video

Yaron: docs.webplatform.org/fr/html/elements/video is possible

… but it would no longer have the "parent" relationship, and the naming structure would no longer match the site structure

r12a: most of the time, you should only use the language-indpendent URL, unless you're passing someone a link to a specific language version

shepazu: I hear 2 requirements...

… if the user has a language preference (either in their browser, or specific selection via cookie or login preference), then they should always go to their lanaguage-version page if available

… if there is no appropriate page in their langauge, then it should go to the english version

<r12a> language tags should only appear in urls when you want to force the user to a specific language version of a page

<r12a> ie. in the general case, use example.org/html/elements/video and NOT example.org/html/elements/video/fr or some such

<r12a> there should be a mechanism for users to be directed by default to the language version of a page that corresponds to their browser language preferences

<r12a> there should be an additional mechanism for someone to specify that they want to visit this site in a language that is different from their browser preference

<r12a> there should be links on each page to the same page in all existing translations

<r12a> ishida@w3.org

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