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Use Case: use case title

Submitter(s): Comcast/NBCU (Sheau Ng)

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-67

This use case has been changed to combine twos use case ISSUE-67 and ISSUE-69, per previous group discussion.


  • Provide test requirements to ensure multiple browsers with possibly different CDMs, accessing different streams, can be synchronized
  • In cases where browsers are accessing AV streams of the same content, one or more browser streams must be able to synchronously start or stop. This enables streams to synchronously 'switch' from one browser to another.
  • Requirements may include HTML support of timing and synchronization of data streams
  • For example, Browser A, running CDM-A, accessing video stream A, and Browser B, running CDM-B, accessing audio stream B. Lip sync test.
  • Requirements may include HTML support of timing and synchronization of data streams, including STOP and RESUME functions.


  • "In a multi-screen viewing environment, synchronization of media presentation on the browsers on each individual screen/device is necessary to have a coherent orchestration of multi-device content presentation experience.
  • To enable content stream that initially runs on one browser to be re-directed to another browser.
  • The streams may be a encrypted media stream, and each browser may be using a different CDM.


  • EME Testing Use Case, ISSUE-63"

What needs to be standardized or what requirements does this use case add:

  • Granularity of synchronization, specified in time unit, or video frame, e.g.
  • Behavior of browser to hand-off the stream to another browser.