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Use Case: use case title

Submitter(s): Comcast/NBCU (Sheau Ng)

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-69

This use case has been incorporated into another use case, now ISSUE-67.


  • Provide test requirements for stream switching from one browser, possibly with CDM, to another browser, possibly with a different CDM.
  • Requirements may include HTML support of timing and synchronization of data streams, including STOP and RESUME functions.
  • For example, Browser A, running CDM-A, accessing stream A. The stream is being redirected to Browser B, running CDM-B.


  • To enable content stream that initially runs on one browser to be re-directed to another browser.
  • The streams may be a encrypted media stream, and each browser may be using a different CDM.


  • EME Testing Use Case, ISSUE-63

What needs to be standardized or what requirements does this use case add:

  • Behavior of browser to hand-off the stream to another browser.