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Comments by JC Dufourd: Here is a proposed edit of Russel's text along the lines of:

  • minimize the dependency to UPnP/DLNA an place it in a separate section
  • remove the dependency on HTML5, which is not justified
  • extensions to HTML5 seem out of scope of this TF
  • propose a separate technology dependent item

Technology compatibility requirements:

  • The HNTF UA shall be able to discover UPnP/DLNA devices and services
  • The HNTF UA shall be able to communicate with present and future UPnP/DLNA devices and services

and then, the non-specific part


  • Enable an HNTF User-Agent to control Home Network Devices
  • Enable an HNTF User-Agent to act as a Home Network Digital Media Player


  • The following use-case scenarios are divided into two sets:
    • The HNTF User-Agent commands other home network devices. For example:
      • Controlling home-automation devices such as window shades or (HVAC) room temperature.
      • Directing a Scheduled Recording device to record a show.
      • Directing a Media Renderer to play content stored from a Media Server.
      • Directing a Media Renderer to play live content from a Set Top Box.
      • Controlling Media Renderer attributes: Brightness, Contrast, Volume, etc.
    • The HNTF User-Agent acts as a Home Network device. For example:
      • Viewing available content on a Media Server.
      • Playing content from a Media Server.
      • Viewing EPG data on a Media Server.
      • Tuning and playing live programs from a Set Top Box.
      • Viewing recording Status from a Scheduled Recording (PVR) device.
      • Selecting and playing recorded content from a ScheduledRecording device.
  • Why were you not able to use only existing standards to accomplish this?
    • Current User-Agents do not provided the abstractions necessary for Javascript to issue discover and issue commands to home network devices.
    • Basic access methods to home network devices need to be standardized so that developers can implement pages to control devices using Javascript/HTML.
  • What might you suggest could be standardized?
    • Provide generic access methods to enable a HNTF User-Agent to discover and command home network devices.
    • Provide access and privacy controls for untrusted pages accessing home network devices.
    • Allow pages to control future devices where the command sets are not currently known.
    • Allow pages to discover functional differences (optional functionality) that may be implemented in some but not all devices.


  • This use-case provides the basic framework for generic access to home network devices. It is "agnostic" towards the underlying functionality of the devices being controlled.