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This pages intends to be a long-term maintainable list of use cases handled by the Web and TV IG.

How to

Status can be:

  • (red) UC: use case scenario description in progress
  • (yellow) REQ: requirement generation in progress
  • (yellow) GAP: gap analysis in progress
  • (orange) CG: work has been handed over to a community group
  • (orange) WG: work has been handed over to a working group
  • (green) CLOSED: everything done

Cateogory can be:

  • (CHANGE) change to existing spec
  • (NEW) new spec (and then status will say if it's in a CG/WG etc)
  • (IGDOC) IG document

Category should probably be determined during the gap analysis

Issue tracker needs to be used to follow up on the issue and its progress

Use cases

UC1 - Tablet joins home network