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Home Page of the event:

Agenda (Draft)

When: Monday 29th of October

Where: Rhône 2 - Level 1 - Rhône Pasteur

8.30-9.30 Intro

  • welcome, IG activities overview, Agenda Building (i.e. identify topics to be discussed during the following sessions, see below)

9.30-10.30 AM-1 What's next

  • go through each topic in the topic list and
    • allow proponent to present the topic in about 5 minutes
    • asses member interest in working on it
    • is this suitable for the IG? How should the work be structured?
    • find candidates to moderate a Task Force for such topic (if a TF is needed)

10.30-11.30 Coffee Brake

11.30-12 AM-2 What's next

  • (continue from AM-1)

12-14 Lunch

14-15 PM-1

  • (continue from AM-2)

15-16 Coffee Brake

16-17 PM-2 Joint IG/Broadcast BG

  • Web& TV IG / Broadcast BG: what is the overlap? How can we cooperate?

17-18 PM-2 Wrap up

  • rechartering: based on the topic discussion, how should the charter change?

Draft list of Topics and slot allocation

(9.30-10.30) Testing

  • Testing requirements originating TV community - Mark Vickers (Comcast)
  • W3C testing work: Overview and how to integrate TV community requirements - Philip Hoscha (W3C)

(10.30-11 break)

(11-11.30) API to access low level functionality on TV devices

  • TV Channel API - Geunhyung Kim (member of mobile web forum in Korea)

(11.30-12.00) Relationship between MPEG MMT-CI and HTML5

  • Youngsun Ryu (Samsung) on behalf of MPEG.

(12-14 lunch)

(14.00-14.30) Exposing Broadcast metadata to the Web

  • synchronisation, hybrid services, query, control - Olivier Thereaux, BBC

(14.30-15) TV Profiling

  • Olivier (BBC), Giuseppe

(15.00–15.30) HNTF followup

  • Jean-Claude Dufourd, Telecom Paris Tech

(15.30-16 break)

(16-17) Joint with Broadcasters BG

  • Various topics, Yosuke