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Submitter: Samsung

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-49


• The web page is containing stereo video contents within the HTML5 <video> element.

• When the user selects video contents, the user agent detect the display type. (whether the display device supports 3D or not)

• If it supports 3D display, the user agent changes the display to full screen mode, and the stereo video contents is being played. Or the stereo video contents is being played inside the HTML.


• Nowadays, 3D and internet enabled DTV is pervasive. But the most of the 3D enabled DTV is just handling 3D video or image contents itself. With the internet enabled DTV, it is natural to consider supporting 3D web pages, at least playing 3D video inside the web pages. Dependencies:


What needs to be standardized:

• The HTML5 <video> element should allow stereo video to be displayed.

• A method for detecting the display mode.

• A method for changing the display mode to full screen and vise versa.

• A method for switching between 2D and 3D mode.

• A method for controlling depth of markup relative to 3D video.