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Submitter: CableLabs

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-40


  1. Commercial video providers want to deliver a broad range of premium content to HTML5-based clients.
    1. Earlier distribution windows and higher quality.
    2. New distribution channels, e.g. UltraViolet streaming.
    3. Support for multiple protection methods.
  1. Reach more platforms
    1. A range of hardware and software accessibility from open personal computing to controlled retail devices.
    2. General purpose to embedded user agents.
    3. A range of hardware and software security environments.


  1. This allows service providers to make high-value content available to HTML5 clients.


What needs to be standardized

  1. Provide Web content with common interface to content protection
    1. Provide a way to pass protection parameters to the user agent via a common API.
    2. Provide events and error codes so that the user agent can convey protection related status to web content. Here is a sample of error codes (input from oipf events):
      1. No license, content blocked
      2. Invalid license, content blocked
      3. Valid license
        Note when content is blocked additional information may be provided in order to retrieve new license like a URL.
    3. Which DRMs are supported?
    4. Is DRM ready?
  2. Provide information so page server can make content available depending on level of protection available in user agent

To drop?:

  1. The Media element [1] should be used to play protected content including:
    1. Media resources with multiple media tracks
    2. Synchronising multiple media elements
    3. Timed text tracks
  2. Enable use of the Media element to play content protected by methods not built into the user agent.
    1. Blend <object> /<embed> external resource reference with video/audio element APIs
  3. Enable servers to authenticate applications and users
    1. Common authentication interfaceComments:'