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Submitter: CableLabs

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-31


Play Web content selected content segment at a specified time in the main media stream. The content segment may replace existing content or be inserted.

  1. The content provider is able to signal a temporal region in the main media stream where the content segment should be played and a unique identifier of the temporal region to web content for selection of the content segment based on a variety of user, media resource, geographic or other attributes. This signal can be delivered in advance of the play time of the temporal region to provide Web content adequate time to acquire the content segment.
  2. The signals can be delivered in-band and out-of-band with respect to the media stream.
  3. The content segment to be inserted is played at the proper point in the underlying media stream.


  1. This allows for targeted advertising on a household or individual basis.
  2. This enables local content to be played for applications besides local ad insertion.


  1. Identification of insert opportunity signal formats, e.g. SCTE 35.

What needs to be standardized

Timed text tracks of @kind = metadata can be used to deliver the signals. Standards external to W3C have, or will be, written specifying insertion opportunity signal formats, e.g. SCTE 35. What needs to be standardized is:

  1. How each supported format gets mapped to a timed text track cue.
  2. Timed text tracks of @kind metadata do not distinguish between types of metadata. An ability to do so must be added.
  3. Track elements are expected to only appear at the beginning of a media stream. Track elements will come and go if the media stream is scheduled programming to there needs to be way to account for this.