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Submitter: CableLabs

Tracker Issue ID: ISSUE-34


Given the best-effort nature of Internet delivery channels, HTTP adaptive bit rate delivery should be supported by HTML5 browsers so that the best possible video experience can be delivered in a manner consistent with the existing Internet and HTTP server infrastructure.

  1. The user agent can support multiple adaptive bit rate delivery protocols.
  2. A user agent can be made to support a new adaptive bit rate delivery protocol not natively supported.
  3. The user and web content set control over the maximum bit rate used for content delivery.
  4. Web content sets parameters that control the algorithm that selects the appropriate bit rate for media segment requests.
  5. The user agent can support a stream of indefinite length that is continuously delivered.


  1. Support for linear television programming and unicast streaming over the Internet.
  2. Adaptation to best effort or varying streaming bandwidth.
  3. Support for multiple and potentially changing adaptive bit rate protocols.


  1. Set of adaptive bit rate protocols to support

What needs to be standardized

  1. The video element interface must support specification of adaptive bit rate parameters, e.g. maximum bit rate to be used for playback.
  2. The video element interface needs to expose relevant adaptive bit rate delivery events and errors