MPTF/Agenda Telco 1st December 2011

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I'd like to see if we can reach some consensus on architecture issues by examining the various approaches discussed so far. Names listed are key proponents. They don't need to have anything in particular prepared, but should be able to explain their approach and answer questions.

  1. Architecture discussion for error reporting
    1. HTML Media Errors (Mark Watson)
    2. XHR Style Errors (Sylvia Pfeiffer)
    3. Adding protocol indicator, flexibility (Jan Lindquist)
    4. High-level errors (Ted Leung)
  2. What is in HTML? What is at application level?
  3. How to balance brevity, unambiguous definition and flexibility
  4. Non-error feedback (e.g. bandwidth changes, etc.)
  5. Other
    1. Using MediaSource extension to allow JavaScript to generate streams (Francois Daoust)