MPTF/Agenda Telco 19th January 2012

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  1. Report on bugs and escalation issue
  2. Updated charter statement and schedule
    1. Mission
      1. The MPTF is a subset of the Web and TV Interest Group. The goal of the MPTF is to discuss requirements placed on the HTML5 video, audio and media interfaces by media formats that will be used for Web and TV. The MPTF will also propose APIs that meet these requirements.
    2. Schedule
      1. ??
    3. Scope
      1. For the next phase of MPTF work, the group will concentrate on adaptive streaming and content protection issues.
    4. Deliverables
      1. A proposed interface that will allow manifest files to be interpreted and adaptive bit rate to be implemented in script.
      2. A proposed interface that will allow content protection to be implemented in a way that common features are accessed in a way independent of the underlying content protection method.
  3. Jason's rewording of CT1 ("overall" bandwidth wording)
  4. Continue discussion on CT2 (manifest-independent quality target, media queries, etc.)
  5. Other topics?