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ACTION-186 (edit) open Convert the google spreadsheet of uc/req to a static file Giuseppe Pascale 2014-02-26 Media APIs
ACTION-188 (edit) open Add links to related specs in the table Giuseppe Pascale 2014-02-26 Media APIs
ACTION-193 (edit) open Send details of tv control cg to mark sadecki Giuseppe Pascale 2014-05-07
ACTION-197 (edit) open Classify the accessibility requirements into general ones and specific ones. Yosuke Funahashi 2014-06-04
ACTION-198 (edit) open Ask timed text wg about 4k affecting captioning. Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-199 (edit) open And yosuke to create questionnaire for 4k stakeholders about web standards issues. Daniel Davis 2014-06-04
ACTION-204 (edit) open Bring up issue of frequency-changing affecting eme Daniel Davis 2014-07-02
ACTION-206 (edit) open Work with kaz/daniel and contact wartermarking/fingerprinting providers Yosuke Funahashi 2014-09-10
ACTION-207 (edit) open Talk with related w3c groups about possible architecture for watermarking/fingerprinting Yosuke Funahashi 2014-09-10
ACTION-208 (edit) open Talk with janina about the joint session slot during tpac 2014 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-10
ACTION-209 (edit) open Finalize the joint session schedule with the a11y tf Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-24
ACTION-213 (edit) open Put an issue on github about import/export identifier requirements to the id requirement document Glenn Deen 2016-03-02
ACTION-218 (edit) open (Bill and Glenn) flesh out the Processor/Workflow requirements section William Rose 2016-03-16
ACTION-222 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Think on standardization of the Cloud Browser and its client Oliver Friedrich 2016-03-23
ACTION-223 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] DOM Cloud Browser description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-03-23
ACTION-224 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Cloud 360 Use Case description Louay Bassbouss 2016-03-30
ACTION-226 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Cloud CA Use case description Calin Ciordas 2016-03-30
ACTION-228 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] F2F Meeting Planning Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-15
ACTION-229 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Accessibility Shadow DOM Tree for Cloud Browser Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-233 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] lifecycle Cloud Browser: Capturing Transaction Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-04
ACTION-235 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] add description of ad-insertion use case Stefan Pham 2016-05-04
ACTION-236 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Add to descriptions to the architecture pics Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-17
ACTION-238 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] MSE/EME Use Case description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-05-23
ACTION-240 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Add a descriptions of the Multi-device Use Case Louay Bassbouss 2016-05-31
ACTION-242 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Communication US --> align with our UC Template Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-243 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture 4 approaches --> add small description per each Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-244 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Control channel UC description Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-03
ACTION-245 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture --> Terminology Section ("TV UI zero client approach” and the “Cloud browser”)) Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-13
ACTION-246 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Rewise the Evolution of the TV UI Section Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-13
ACTION-247 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Multi-device Use Case Louay Bassbouss 2016-06-14
ACTION-248 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] check on CB functions Colin Meerveld 2016-06-16
ACTION-249 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] Architecture chapter --> highlight 2 approaches Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-16
ACTION-250 (edit) open [Cloud Browser] architecture terminology Cloud/ Local Player approach Alexandra Mikityuk 2016-06-16
ACTION-251 (edit) open Create a github repo for the cloud browser notes Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-03-01
ACTION-252 (edit) open Send the proposed charter to the ig Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-17
ACTION-253 (edit) open Ask igarashi-san about his availability for the entertainment panel at ac meeting and the time slot for the co-chairs call Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-17
ACTION-254 (edit) open Talk within the w3c team about the bg/cg style again Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-06-26
ACTION-258 (edit) open Update the ig call reservation and resend the invitation Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-18
ACTION-259 (edit) open Start a wiki page for the f2f meeting during tpac2017 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-18
ACTION-260 (edit) open Look into the possible email forwarding configuration Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-10-30
ACTION-261 (edit) open draft a proposal for the IG to confirm a desire for HTML and CSS to support TTML playback Nigel Megitt 2017-11-16 tt

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