ISSUE-143: LC comment: nanopublications are they ok with RDF graphs?

LC comment: nanopublications are they ok with RDF graphs?

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Guus Schreiber
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Comment from Paul Groth:

Hi All,

I was reviewing the Trig spec. We use trig to express nanopublications -
light weight forms of provenance attached to graphs. Each nanopublication
has three graphs associated with it:

- an assertion graph
- a publication info graph
- a provenance graph

The provenance graph points to the the assertion graph.

GRAPH :assert { ... }
GRAPH :provenance { :assert prov:wasDerivedFrom :xyz . }

Is this ok with what's coming out?

I ask because we have a ton of post translational modifications and protein
isoforms modeled like this [1]/


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Guus Schreiber, 24 Oct 2013, 21:44:50

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