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Definition for Concept 'Recipe link'



The Provenance WG charter identifies the concept 'Recipe link' as a core concept of the provenance interchange language to be standardized (see

  • What term do we adopt for the concept 'Recipe link'?
  • How do we define the concept 'Recipe link'?
  • Where does concept 'Recipe link' appear in ProvenanceExample?
  • Which provenance query requires the concept 'Recipe link'?

Proposed Definitions for the Concept 'Recipe link'

Definition by Satya

(Suggest merging this concept with concept "Process execution" to create concept "Process")

Recipe is a definition of a process, where process is an entity that occurs over a period of time. Recipe link is a handle to reference the recipe or process definition.

References to process entities in the ProvenanceExample can be found in the following sentence:
"Having retrieved the provenance, he is able to trace back the error not to the newspapers processing but an error in how the government translated the data into RDF."

  • "newspapers processing" - the process (id: used by newspaper to use information from different sources and publish a newspaper article
  • "government translated" - the process (id: followed by government to translate data into RDF

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