ISSUE-309: using owltime:before on prov:InstantaneousEvents pattern


using owltime:before on prov:InstantaneousEvents pattern

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Timothy Lebo
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Now that they are all InstantaneousEvent, then no, that should still
be kind-of fine, as I can do:

:activity1 a prov:Activity ;
prov:qualifiedStart :activity1Start ;
prov:qualifiedEnd :activity1End .

:entity1 prov:qualifiedGeneration :entity1Gen .

:activity1Gen ex:after :activity1Start .
:activity1End ex:after :activity1Gen .

and in fact, if I as an asserter still like OWL Time, I can make
:activity1Gen etc. instances of time:Instant and use time:after
instead of my own ex:after - even make a property ex:started as
subproperty of both prov:qualifiedStart and time:hasBeginning (and
equivalent for prov:atTime/time:inXSDDateTime) and talk about
:activity1 as an time:Interval.
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Timothy Lebo, 18 Apr 2013, 12:55:18

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