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This page lists people expected to attend F2F1.

Who may attend: per W3C process, this meeting is open to official participants of the GLD Working Group and other individuals specifically invited as guests of the chairs. Because this meeting is happening quite early in the life of the group, before everyone has time to join, the chairs have contacted and invited individuals who appear reasonably likely to join the group in the near future. If you expect to join the group and have not received an invitation, please contact the chairs at team-gld-chairs@w3.org

Affiliations are provided for identification purposes only. Once the group is fully constituted, affiliations will show who the participant is representing, but in some cases that is not yet determined.

Links are to self-introductions on this wiki. Links in Red mean no self-introduction has been made yet. For now, everyone with a W3C User Account can edit pages on this wiki. Please create a brief page about yourself: click on your name, then fill in some text, and click "save page". Once the group is fully constituted, only official participants will be allowed to edit.

Expected In Person (current as of Jun 28)

  1. Andy Schain, NASA
  2. Anne Washington, GWU
  3. Arthur Conroy, BAH
  4. Bernadette Hyland, 3 Round Stones (co-chair)
  5. Bob DuCharme
  6. Chris Musialek, GSA
  7. Cory Casanave, Model-Driven Solutions
  8. Dan Gilman, BLD (June 30)
  9. Daniel Mekonnen, Alion
  10. David Smith, EPA
  11. David Wood, 3 Round Stones
  12. Ernest Lucier, NITRD
  13. Faisal D'Souza, NITRD
  14. George Thomas, HHS (co-chair)
  15. Gerald Steeman, NASA
  16. Greg Williams, RPI
  17. Irene Polikoff, TopQuadrant
  18. Joe Verscharen, CPSC
  19. Josh Lieberman, Deloitte
  20. Katherine Goodier, L-3 Communications (June 30)
  21. Kevin Merritt, Socrata (part of June 29)
  22. Kristin Rutland, NASA (June 29)
  23. Michael Aisenberg, MITRE
  24. Michael Pendleton, EPA
  25. Richard Murphy, GSA
  26. Ronald Reck, Rrecktek
  27. Sandro Hawke, W3C (staff contact)
  28. Tina Gheen, NSF Library Director (LoC Detail)
  29. Todd Pehle, Orbis
  30. Vasant Honavar, NSF
  31. William Brafford, Revelytix
  32. William Sanchez, Orbis
  33. Yigal Arens, ISI

Expected Remotely (current as of Jun 28)

  1. Ansgar Scherp, Uni Koblenz
  2. Bart van Leeuwen, netage.nl / Fire Department Amsterdam, (Part of June 29)
  3. Benedikt Kämpgen, FZI Karlsruhe
  4. Boris Villazón Terrazas, U.P. Madrid (Part of June 29, Part of June 30)
  5. Carlo Borsoi Moura, Alliare (June 29)
  6. Dan Gilman, BLS (June 29)
  7. Hadley Beeman, LinkedGov
  8. Jeanne Holm, NASA
  9. John Sheridan, UK National Archives
  10. Katherine Goodier, (on 29th)
  11. Martin Alvarez, CTIC (Part June 29, June 30)
  12. Michael Hausenblas, DERI
  13. Raphael Troncy, EURECOM (partly)
  14. Richard Cyganiak, DERI (June 29)
  15. Simon Wall, Australian Bureau of Statistics (June 30)
  16. Somnath Chandra, Govt. of India
  17. Tope Omitola, Soton
  18. Zachary Whitley, JHU