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Anne Washington

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About Anne

search. digital archives. design.

cyberinfrastructure. preservation. metadata. metrics. collective search. e-government. legislation.

organizational memory. sensemaking. sts. information strategy.

xml. information retrieval. kubuntu.


  • PhD. The George Washington University - Information Systems and Technology Management
  • M.L.S. Rutgers University - Library and Information Science
  • B.A. Brown University - Computer Science. Music.

  • Library of Congress
  • Barclay's Global Investors
  • Wells Fargo Investment Advisors
  • Overseas ESL teacher
  • Apple Computers

Communities of Practice

  • W3C eGovernment Taskforce
  • W3C GLD Working Group
  • KPMG PhD Project
  • KM, Knowledge Management, Education Forum
  • Oasis LegalXML
  • Federal Web Content Managers

Contact Anne

Anne L. Washington, PhD

Anne's standards email is washingtona a t acm.org