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Contributing to the W3C Audio Working Group

General Discussion (mailing-list)

The W3C Audio WG operates in public, mainly through discussion on the mailing-list. All messages sent to this list are publicly archived.

Subscribing to the mailing-list (which can be done by sending a mail to with subject "subscribe") is strongly recommended if you want to effectively contribute to the conversation.

Ways to contribute

The group works on a number of deliverables at a time, and there are many ways to contribute to them. You can:

  • Review our Draft Specifications
  • Write to us about your experience implementing the technology. What worked, what did not, how would you improve the APIs?
  • Help us to Write_Tests for the Web Audio API.

Join the community of Web Audio developers

Submit a bug

With the exception of our Use Cases and Requirements (for which we track issues in Bugzilla), we track issues and bugs on Github.

If you are new to the group, it is best to submit and discuss issues on the mailing-list first. The group will be able to tell you whether this is a known issue (and point you to it) or agree to create a new issue which will then be tracked on GitHub.

Our issues lists are currently as follows:

Spec Open Pending Review Closed
MIDI API Open Pending Review Closed
Web Audio API Open Pending Review Closed
Use Cases and Requirements Open Resolved Verified or Closed

If you wish to catch up with recent activity, the view of issues changed in the past week or in the past month can be useful. Or you may want the short-and-sweet list of issues recently resolved by the editors, complete with links to changesets in the specs.

Suggest a new feature

We welcome ideas for new features, on the mailing-list. Ideally, a suggestion for a new feature will be complete with:

  • A clear use case. Examples of how this could be used in a specific applications are best.
  • A code snippet demonstrating how the feature would work in practice
  • (optional) A test for our test suite. See Write_Tests.

Feel free to suggest features if you do not have all the above. We can help you develop them together.

Ideas for new features and additions to the Web Audio API and Web MIDI API will be considered by the group and added to the feature backlog if there is consensus on desirability, feasibility and best approach.

Note that at this point, the Audio Working Group is trying to focus on the testing and implementation of the current set of features for the Web Audio API, and feature requests are likely to be queued for the next version of the API.

Joining the Working Group (W3C members only)

The core of the work on requirements, specification and testing is done by the members of the working group, which are either W3C members or "invited experts". W3C member organisations are welcome to participate in this effort by assigning representative(s) to the group. Please get in touch with the chair (Olivier Thereaux) then join the group. Working group members are meeting weekly by phone, and once to three times a year face-to-face.