WWW and Hopes for the Future

Tim Berners-Lee

Saudi Arabia, 2011-02-22

MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
World Wide Web Foundation

(These slides:
http://www.w3.org/2011/Talks/0222-saudi-tbl/ )

This talk


now difficult to explain what it was like!

CERN from the air
The ATLAS detector - a big project

Pre-web at CERN

Need to bridge

Enquire V 1.1

Opening file (PSK-PCP)VAC-V1:ENQR...

PSB Vacuum Control System                    (concept)  <   O>
--- ------ ------- ------

 [ 1] described-by: Enquiry System
      An experimental system for which this is a test.

 [ 2] includes: Vacuum History System
      Records and displays slow changes in pressure.

 [ 3] includes: Vacuum equipment modules
      Perform all the hardware interface

 [ 4] includes: Control and status applications programs
      Provide operator interaction from the consoles.

 [ 5] described-by: Controle du System a Vide du Booster 11-2-80
      Operational specification of the software

 [ 6] includes: PSB Pump Surveillance System         PCP 228
      Allows rapid monitoring of pressure changes

[number      ]


1989: Web memo

Circles and arrows again...

Circles and arrows diagram

1990: WWW design

The original architecture diagram

Universality of the Web

Technology which is independent of:

Access for Anybody

mobile Christmas 2004

Layers: Separate Markets

IP connectivity, software, and content

Layers: The IP Hourglass

The IP Hourglass

Image: J Zittrain

1991-4: Paradigm shift

Increase of 10x every year

1994: World Wide Web Consortium

good + fair + fast

Leading the web to its full potential

Care and use of the WWW

Spirit of Web design

has been the best part

2006: Web Science

The tangled web

The process of web science

process of web science

Promoting Web Science


(Web Science talk)

Social Networking

Social Network Silos

2008: Linked Data

Flower with roots in data
Flourishing with Linked Data Bus
LOD cloud: dbpedia.org seed
LOD cloud: 18 datasets
LOD cloud: 24 datasets
LOD cloud: 35 datasets
LOD cloud: ~45 datasets
LOD cloud: Adding Life Sci

2009: Raw Data Now

Tue 17:59Blog "Pedalling some raw data"Paul Clarke, direct.gov.uk
Wed 12:57Zipped CSV filePaul Battley
Wed 13:26KML fileTom Taylor
Wed 21:51Online MapJulian Burgess, timesonline

2009 March 10-11

(Geeks see: (geo_helper.py))

red dots over london

Recap: Universality of the Web

Technology which is independent of:

Access for anyone everyone

Map shows develping countries do not have Net access.

The Other 80%

2009: World Wide Web Foundation

webfoundation home page

Thank you

Historical Roadmap

This talk: http://www.w3.org/2011/Talks/0222-saudi-tbl/