Milestones Planning for IndieUI

10 Nov 2011

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jcraig, [Apple], Janina_Sajka, Michael_Cooper, Rich_Schwerdtfeger
ad hoc


Time to start charter

Time to FPWD

Number of WDs

Time to get implementations

Time to develop test suite

Comment processing time

Ability to get comments before LCWD so don't have to do 2

Ability to work in parallel on testing, spec development, implementation

Distraction from other work (PFWG, real jobs, etc.)

Impact on dependency with WebEvents

WG size and communication quality, efficient discussions, ability to form consensus

Chairs and editors able to stay present consistently

Sufficient editorial resources

== suggested timeline from Art ==

a. WG end date 31 December 2014

b. FPWDs 1 April 2012

c. LCs 1 April 2013

d. CR 1 Sep 2013

d. PR 1 Dec 2013

e. REC 31 Dec 2013

== discussion ==

value in having timelines that we're likely to *beat* not *miss*

so FPWD in April makes sens

can do some test cases while working on spec

but changes to spec change test cases, so don't plan for test suite to be *complete* until later in the process

but e.g., 1 test per requirement

desirable to have test suite ready by LCWD

or CR

have both Events and User Context specs to timeline out

need to work in parallel

<jcraig> Rich: Accessible Portable Item Profile (APIP) http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/Accountability_Programs/Assessment_and_Testing/APIP/index.html

FPWDs at same time

let's try to put them on similar timelines

<richardschwerdtfe> Rich: and Access For All

though possibility could take longer in CR for user context

so should plan on longer to PR for that one

because has privacy and UI implications that could take longer to sort out in implementation

which needs to be vetted through various communities

so user context can go to LCWD later than events

it will be easer to implement it when the events implementations are done anyways

will make sure there are no dependencies in events module on the user context module

Proposed FPWD for both is April 2012

LCWD for events is April 2013

LCWD for user context is August 2013

after LC, need to process comments

3 months for that

and another 3 months for test suite

hopefully can have the implementations (Apple & Google) pretty much ready by the time it goes to CR

up to 6 months to do testing

PR in April 2014

Rec in June 2014

For user context, using same time calculations but offset by longer time to LCWD

so CR in Feb 2014, PR in Aug 2014, Rec in Oct 2014

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Summary of Action Items

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