W3C Workshop on Data and Services Integration October 20-21 2011, Bedford, MA, USA


01/ Tibco [paper]
Towards a Model‐Based Characterization of Data and Services Integration
02/ ETH Zürich [paper]
Service Integration - A Web of Things Perspective
03/ Open University [paper]
Unified Lightweight Semantic Descriptions of Web APIs and Web Services
04/ Model Driven Solution / PNA Group [paper]
"Position Paper"
05/ 28msec / Oracle [paper]
JSONiq: XQuery for JSON
06/ IBM [paper]
Experiences with JSON and XML Transformations
07/ EMC [paper]
"Position paper"
08/ MITRE [paper]
hData – A Simple Approach to Health Data Exchange
09/ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [paper]
Towards Uniform Access to Web Data and Services
10/ GE Healthcare [paper]
Similarities and Differences between HL7 CDA® Release 2.0 and HTML5
11/ Amudsen [paper]
Hypermedia-Oriented Design
12/ Nokia [paper]
Integration "In The Large"
13/ Oracle [paper]
SCA: A Model for Data and Service Integration on the Web?
14/ Oracle [paper]
Augmenting Linked (RDF) Data with Relational Data
15/ Revelytix [paper]
Position Paper: Validation of Distributed Enterprise Data is Necessary, and RIF can Help
16/ IBBT [paper]
Integrating Data and Services through Functional Semantic Service Descriptions
17/ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [paper]
Towards a Proxy Architecture for Semantic Web Services
18/ Wright State University [paper]
Semantic Annotation and Search for resources in the next Generation Web with SA-REST
19/ SAP Research [paper]
The Internet of Services and USDL
20/ MITRE [paper]
General Description Framework as a Key Enabler to Resource Integration and Use