29 Sep 2011


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dsinger, hober, adrianba, Julian, rubys, Mike, [Microsoft], paulc, Cynthia_Shelly, Janina, +1.206.850.aaaa, Radhika_Roy, krisk
Sam Ruby
Adrian Bateman


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<scribe> Scribe: Adrian Bateman

<pimpbot> Title: {agenda} HTML WG telecon 2011-09-29: Issue progress, Task Force reports from Sam Ruby on 2011-09-27 (public-html-wg-announce@w3.org from July to September 2011) (at lists.w3.org)

<paulc> I am having trouble with my outbound audio.

ACTION items due by Thursday, September 29

rubys: there are none

New Issues This Week




Items Closed Last Week

rubys: ISSUE-166 was closed by amicable resolution

Items Closing This Week

rubys: there are none

Items Closing Next Week

rubys: ISSUE-170 - change proposals due oct 8
... ISSUE-171 - microdata-rdf also due oct 8
... ISSUE-173 - split-appcache - also due Oct 8
... plenty of time on these but see that we have no change proposal on any of these yet

New Calls this week

rubys: ISSUE-177 - ietf-id-wip - call for proposals closes oct 28
... ISSUE-178 - uri-scheme-notation, also closes oct 28
... ISSUE-179 - av_param, also closes oct 28

New Surveys this week

rubys: none

Decisions this week

rubys: none

testing task force

<krisk> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-testsuite/2011Sep/0016.html

<pimpbot> Title: RE: HTML Testing Task Force Conf Call Agenda 9/20/2011 from Kris Krueger on 2011-09-29 (public-html-testsuite@w3.org from September 2011) (at lists.w3.org)

krisk: met as planned on 20th
... getElementsByClassName tests moved into WebApps WG
... group agreed that should convert canvas test cases to use test harness
... questions about appcache or offline and the format we should use for tests
... no reason not to go with self describing so we'll go with that for now
... following up with plh about test suite license
... because of concern about how parser tests submitted with the dat format could be reused
... discussion about tpac and webapps
... people attending and considering a backend for websockets at w3c
... note the first meeting scheduled in november will not be on the 1st because of tpac
... schedule is on the wiki
... that's it

Accessibility Task Force

<pimpbot> bugmail: [Bug 13943] <track> The "bad cue" handling is stricter than it should be <11http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-bugzilla/2011Sep/1128.html> 4** [Bug 11893] define lexical processing rules for ARIA attributes <11http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html-bugzilla/2011Sep/1127.html> 4** [Bug 11892] explicitly state that ARIA states and properties are formal/normative HTML attributes <11http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/pub

janina: think mike has some specifics that we want to elevate from the tf meeting
... work proceeds

<Zakim> MikeSmith, you wanted to discuss Any Other Other Business -- a11y TF request about canvas bugs from Rich, plus Video bug from John Foliot

<MikeSmith> http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=13176

mikesmith: we've been talking for the last couple of weeks about a couple of canvas bugs

<pimpbot> 1113176: schwer, P1, REOPENED, 13The bounds of canvas fallback content, as rendered on the canvas, are not provided by the user agent to an assistive technology.

mikesmith: rich has been dealing with these

<MikeSmith> http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=13181

<pimpbot> 1113181: schwer, P1, NEW, 13Canvas does not allow mouse events to be directed to keyboard accessible objects in fallback content

mikesmith: the point we're at with these is that we're waiting for a response from hixie on both of these
... noted in comments posted by sam in one of these bugs that we have an agreement for 30 day turnaround for p1 bugs
... they are already p1 bugs so can't elevate further
... nobody wants to escalate these without feedback from hixie
... last comment from hixie on 181 was more than a month ago, asking for a web page to demo the problem
... 176 has kind of been in the same state
... rich has added some comments
... we'd like to hear from the chairs whether there is any way the chairs could directly ask hixie to respond to these in the next week or so, that seems like one way to handle this
... if you have suggestions for what to do that would be great

janina: looks like mozilla wants to implement this support by the end of the year in firefox

mikesmith: yeah, that's what rich said this morning, that this is on their feature schedule
... about mouse events and keyboard directed objects
... like to hear back from the chairs on what we can do together on this

<rubys> action rubys ping hixie on status of P1 bugs

mikesmith: realise we could raise an issue but rich would rather not do that yet

rubys: i'll take an action to look at that

<MikeSmith> http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=13432

<pimpbot> 1113432: jfoliot, P2, NEW, 13Editorial changes to The Video element (1 of 5)

mikesmith: one other issue to look at
... john wanted to bring this issue to the attention of the chairs
... sort of about an editorial change - at least john feels like this is an important change
... he asked me to mention this on the call today
... that's it on the tf call

rubys: that bug has been open for 2 months, currently not a p1 bug

mikesmith: given that it isn't p1 i could ask john whether he wants to consider whether priority should be raised
... other than that, i don't know - not really sure what the key point of contention is on this
... seems like john is looking for one non-normative sentence added
... i'll take the action to go back to john on it

<trackbot> Created ACTION-204 - Ping hixie on status of P1 bugs [on Sam Ruby - due 2011-10-06].

janina: this came at the end of the call - not sure what he thinks precisely
... think he was suggesting it was out of hand in some way

mikesmith: i'll read through and talk to john

Other Business

rubys: Anything people want to bring up?

Scribe for next meeting

rubys: volunteers?
... ted volunteers - thank you

<paulc> Thanks Sam


rubys: with that we're adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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