September 22 - 23 2016

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Meeting logistics

  • Where: W3C TPAC 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal
  • When:
    • Thursday 22 September 2016 - 09:00-12:00 & 13:30-17:00 Local time
    • Friday 23 September 2016 - 09:00-12:00 & 13:30-17:00 Local time
    • Lisbon is UTC+1. Which means we start at 08:00 UTC
  • Registration: You must register for TPAC 2016 in order to attend (Chairs' announcement).
  • Scribing and remote participation will be mediated via IRC: W3C IRC #webrtc
  • Lunch we will be from 12:00 to 13:30.
  • Coffee is available at breaks 10:00-11:00 and 15:00-16:00.
  • We are meeting in room 5B (First floor).

Remote participation

Call-in facilities are available, using WebEx.

 Meeting number: 649 042 954
 Meeting password: 2639
 Audio connection: +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number


Thursday September 22

Morning - all WebRTC

PC - queing and order of operations, negotiation needed

PC - Errors (not) thrown

PC - events not defined

Afternoon - Media Capture


  • Interactions between Permissions and Media: State of play
  • Issues to resolve
  • Test suite status



Getting other docs to CR

Friday September 23 - all WebRTC


Homework reporting

DTMF done Thursday



Certificate + IdP stuff



Test suite status

Summary, conclusions

Hints on what will be covered in each block

mediacapture-main Issues to resolve (person that will lead discussion)

New permission definitions are wrong. #350 (Jan-Ivar)

Remove redundant list-devices permission. #380 (Jan-Ivar)

Reinstate strong language on permission ending when tracks stop, lost by editorial mistake #387 (Jan-Ivar)

Camera light and "disabled" tracks #389 (Jan-Ivar)

Browser's ability to dynamically change settings mistakenly removed #394 (Dan)

Certificate + IdP stuff (Cullen)

Getting the fingerprint of an RTCCertificate PR #738

getting the fingerprint of a RTCCertificate? #720

Support assertions that identify the recipient #678 (waiting for PR)

Sort out requirements around IdpLoginError #555

DTMF (Bernard)

interToneGap and duration fixes #784

Handling of invalid characters in the tone buffer is broken #775

duration definition on RTCDTMFSender doesn't quite make sense #773

interToneGap definition doesn't quite make sense #772

What are the units of interToneGap? #770

insertDTMF doesn't define what happens with characters that are not supported #769

insertDTMF should normalize input #768


Specify how an RTCRtpSender should treat an ended track #764 (PR #786) (Bernard)

Handling of simulcast errors #763 / PR # (Bernard)

JSEP/WebRTC mismatch on empty remote MID #698 (Adam B)

Upscale allowed #624 (Cullen)

Describe what happens when media changes #305 (Peter)

PC - queing and order of operations, negotiation needed (Adam B)

Capture media config bundle in sync part of createOffer/Answer #792

Integrate RTCRtpTransceiver into set local/remote steps #787

pc.createOffer(); pc.addTrack(track); should not include track #782

(setLocal/RemoteDescription should explicitly state which steps that are queued #755 to be closed)

public negotiation-needed flag as readonly #645

(Operations queue: What is run synchronously before the operation is queued? #600 to be closed)

Congruenting about "The negotiation-needed flag is cleared when setLocalDescription" #579

Need to specify precisely when MID generation happens #578

PC - Errors (not) thrown (Adam B)

Need to specify what happens if `createDataChannel` is called with an invalid ID #746

removeTrack: throw exception if sender is not in connection's set of senders #727

PC - events not defined (Adam B)

We never fire the 'connectionstatechange' event #554

NetworkError event is not defined and might not be needed #526

Stats (Harald and Varun)

RTCStats timestamp source ambiguous #729

Normatively cite webrtc-stats for sections 8.x #561

Guidance for extending objects vs extending Stats needed #295

See also stats issue backlog

ICE (Bernard)

Figure out backward-compatible way to indicate ufrag+mid on end-of-candidates #760

Support ufrag in IceCandidate and end of IceCandidate indicator #757

Add a ufrag attribute to the RTCIceCandidate structure to indicate which ICE context #726

Meaning of "Liveness checks have failed" for `disconnected` ICE state is not clear #692

Errors when identifying a m-line in addIceCandidate() #551 (+PR #793) (Adam B for this one??)